Best Antwerp Thrift Stores For Cool Stuff At Bargain Prices

Best Antwerp Thrift Shops For Cool Stuff At Bargain Prices

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Calling all bargain hunters. ☎️

If you’re the kind of person who likes to stumble upon designer pieces or vintage gems in thrift shops (that are being sold for a bargain), then this is the list of Antwerp thrift stores for you.

I’ve visited shops all over the city and narrowed the list down to only my favorites.

Depending on how long you like to shop for, you should be able to cover the stores I’ve outlined below in an afternoon or two. 

For lengthier stays in Belgium, I would highly recommend taking the train (really easy, inexpensive, and takes only an hour) into Brussels where you’ll find far more thrift stores and vintage shops. (And I just so happen to have a thrift guide for that city as well, so check out Brussels best thrift stores here.)

Hurry up! The bargains await…

The Kringwinkel Antwerp

The thing to love most about the Kringwinkel chain (there are 6 locations in Antwerp) is their bargain prices.

Here I found an authentic vintage army camouflage shirt for 7€ (styled below with a vintage dress I scored at another shop in this list) and a necklace with black heart-shaped stones for 1.50€.


If you’re looking for higher-end brands you can quickly look through just those items, as they’ve been separated onto their own rack.

Just know that if they’ve been separated out, they are more expensive than the other racks of clothes.

Open | Tuesday – Saturday 10-18h

Address | Kroonstraat 166, 2140 Antwerpen, Belgium

Getting there | It’s a 15 minute walk from the central (Centraal) train station.

Melting Pot Kilo Antwerpen

This shop is for all those vintage lovers who also appreciate a bargain, as everything is priced at 15€ per kilo.

Talk about a vintage-lover’s dream!

There are scales around the shop for you to see how much everything is, so there are no surprises at the checkout. 

If you’re not familiar with kilos, here’s what I got for 13.38€: a men’s button-up shirt (styled below with camo cargos I found in Brussels (see which shop I bought them at in my Brussels thrift guide)) and a heavier-weight authentic army shirt/jacket (pictured below with jeans).


As the pieces are priced per kilo, focus on lighter-weight items such as dress slacks, men’s shirts, women’s blouses, dresses, and skirts for the best bargains.

However, at the low price of 15€ per kilo, even heavier items can be worth it, especially when it’s a unique vintage find.

Open | Sunday 12-18h; Monday – Saturday 10:30-18:30h

Address | Nationalestraat 14, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Getting there | It’s an 18 minute walk, or 8 minute travel via tram (lines 9 or 15) from the central train station.

Kringwinkel Circuit

This Kringwinkel location is a bit further out from the city center but it’s still well worth a visit.

I found a vintage floral midi dress (modeled below) by Laura Ashley here for 7€. It’s not uncommon to see vintage dresses like this at vintage shops for 50+€ so this one was a real steal.


They also have a free toilet if nature calls while you’re shopping.

Open | Tuesday – Saturday 10-18h

Address | Jef Cassiersstraat 29, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Getting there | It’s a 45 minute walk from the central train station or ~30 minutes with tram line 1.

Kringwinkel Meir

Don’t be surprised to find Diesel jeans or designer shirts (like Etro) for 5€ or less at this Kringwinkel.

While I didn’t find anything here, I won’t hesitate to return the next time I’m in the city.

Open | Tuesday – Saturday 10-18h

Address | Otto Veniusstraat 11, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Getting there | It’s an 8 minute walk, or 5 minute travel via tram (lines 9 or 15) from the central train station.

Kringwinkel Centrum (Lange Koepoortstraat)

If you’re in the need for bottoms, you’re in luck because their jeans and pants (like at all the other Kringwinkel shops featured in this list) are priced around 4.50€ a pair.

Chain shops are notorious for having their prices vary greatly from location to location, but thankfully that’s not the case for these stores.

You can look forward to consistent pricing at all the Kringwinkel shops.

Open | Tuesday – Saturday 10-18h

Address | Lange Koepoortstraat 39, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Getting there | It’s a 20 minute walk, or 13 minute travel via tram (lines 9 or 15) from the central train station.

Final Thoughts

You’re guaranteed to see some things priced for a steal at the vintage and second-hand shops featured in this curated guide, so be sure to bookmark this post for future reference.

Head over to my guide on the best Brussels thrift stores for hidden gems, for more places to visit while you’re in Belgium.

And for my tricks on how to get the best bargains while you’re thrifting, be sure to check out my Thrifting Tips to Find the Best Deals and if you’re afraid of thrifting something that’s not vegan, give my How to Tell if Clothing is Vegan post a read.

Wondering what other places in Europe are good for thrifting? Check out my guide to thrift stores in Switzerland and my ebook on the must-visit thrift shops in Zürich, Switzerland.

As with any thrift store, you never know what gems you might uncover, so good luck!

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As always, happy styling!

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What are the best thrift stores in Antwerp?

The best thrift shops in Antwerp are Kringwinkel (all four locations in the city) and Melting Pot Kilo.

What language do they speak in Antwerp?

Antwerp is located in the Dutch part of Belgium, so the most common language spoken there is Dutch. A smaller percentage of the population also speaks French or German, and similar to other major cities, most people know at least some English.

Are the thrift stores in Antwerp open on Sunday?

Most thrift stores in Antwerp are closed on Sundays. Of my favorite thrift shops, only Melting Pot Kilo is open on Sundays. All the others are closed Sundays and Mondays.

Is it easy to get from Antwerp to Brussels?

The train ride from Antwerp to Brussels (or Brussels to Antwerp) is really easy and takes only about an hour. If you’re staying in one of these cities I would highly recommend taking the short train ride to visit the other city as they are quite different.

Is Belgium a good country for thrift shopping?

Belgium is an excellent country for thrift shopping. The prices are good throughout the country and there are some cool pieces to be found. If you only have time to visit one city make it Brussels. The thrift and vintage shops are plentiful and there are bargains to be had. Antwerp is also definitely worth a visit as you’re likely to find even better bargains than in Brussels. If you have extra time, Brugge and Ghent are a short train ride away from Brussels and they also each have a few thrift stores.

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