Best Brussels Thrift Stores For Hidden Gems in the City

Best Brussels Thrift Stores For Stylish Bargain Hunters

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Brussels is a must-visit destination for all thrift and vintage lovers.

If you prefer less-curated vintage shops with lower prices, then you’ll love Brussels.

There are enough second-hand shops in Brussels to keep you occupied for a few days but be sure to leave a day free so you can travel to Antwerp (it’s a one hour train ride) for more pre-loved delights. Armed with my curated guide to Antwerp thrift shops, you’ll be sure to find some bargains.

Be prepared to discover so many amazing finds on your tour of Brussels thrift and vintage stores that you’ll shop yourself out. 🛍

Now, let’s dig into the best shops in Brussels!

Melting Pot Kilo | 2 Locations

You’ll want to visit all three of their locations (two in Brussels and one in Antwerp) if you can.

Rue Haute Location

With prices this inexpensive (15€ per kilo), this store single-handedly changed my view on vintage shops. Here you’ll find vintage clothing at thrift store prices.

If you’re not familiar with kilos, you might not know how cheap 15€ per kilo can be.

To give you an idea, I found a vintage Peter Pan collar shirt here that cost me 2.55€. And if you found a pair of cargo pants here, they would set you back around 10€.

Note that this store is cash-only, so save your euros for all the killer vintage finds you’ll want to buy here and at their other location.

Rue Haute 154, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Open | Monday – Friday 10-18h; Saturday – Sunday 10-18:30h

Getting there | It’s a 13 minute walk from the Central (Centraal) train station.

Rue des Poissonniers Location

This shop can get crowded (understandably with these prices!), so best is to shop during the week.

Rue des Poissonniers 2, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Open | Monday – Saturday 10:30-19h; Sunday 12-19h

Getting there | It’s a 9 minute walk from the central train station.

Foxhole Vintage St Géry

This vintage shop had some cool stuff.

Yes, the prices are a bit higher than some of the other shops, but I found these amazing authentic (read: high quality) army camouflage cargo pants here for 19.95€ (see styling inspo below) and the gentleman working there was really friendly.


This shop is another cash-only store, so perhaps shop here at the beginning of your tour, while you still have some euros in your wallet.

Rue des Riches Claires 4, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Open | Monday – Saturday 11-18:30h

Getting there | It’s a 9 minute walk from the central train station.

Le Shop

What a little hidden gem this shop is!

I happened to stumble upon it on my way to another shop and it turned out to be one of my favorites.

The prices are so good here (I didn’t see anything priced over 5€) I asked to make sure you didn’t have to qualify to shop there (you don’t). Oh, and the staff is super friendly.

I found a cute ’90s one shoulder ribbed top for 2€.

You won’t find this shop on Google maps (which makes it a real secret treasure), but you can check them out on Instagram.

Boulevard de l’Abattoir 27, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Open | Monday – Wednesday 9-17h; Friday 9-17h

Getting there | It’s a 18 minute walk from the central train station.

Emmaüs La Poudrière

The prices are nice and low in this shop (I bought this quiet luxury Max Mara Weekend jacket here for only 7€), just know there is no fitting room.


Your best bet is to head there wearing leggings and a camisole to make it easy to try things on over your clothes.

Rue de la Poudrière 52/60, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Open | Wednesday 14-17h; Thursday 9:30-12:30h; Friday 14-20h

Getting there | It’s a 18 minute walk from the central train station.

Les Petits Riens | 3 Best Locations

There are 12 Les Petits Riens shops (and even more if you venture further outside of the city), but these three are my favorites. 

Ixelles Location

The clothing at this location is neatly organized by color, which makes it much easier to look through.

At this shop, I found a men’s Brooks Brothers striped button-up (styled below) for 6€.


Chaussée d’Ixelles 106, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium

Open | Monday – Saturday 10:30-18h

Getting there | It’s a 20 minute walk from the central train station.

Etterbeek Location

You’ll definitely see some bargains here and there is typically a sale section where the items are discounted to 5€ each.

Here I scored the iconic House of Sunny cropped sunset cardigan for 10€.

Chaussée de Wavre 800, 1040 Etterbeek, Belgium

Open | Monday – Saturday 10:30-18h

Getting there | It’s a 25 minute metro ride from the central train station.

Jette Location

There’s less of a selection at this shop, but I was still able to find a Hugo Boss purple pinstripe men’s button-up that was on sale for 5€.

Chaussée de Jette 683, 1090 Jette, Belgium

Open | Monday – Saturday 10:30-18h

Getting there | It’s a 25 minute bus ride from the central train station.

Oxfam Vintage (Oxfam Solidariteit-Solidarité)

If you’re a vintage lover who also appreciates thrift store prices, check out this charity-run vintage shop.

Granted the prices are higher than most of the other shops I’ve featured, but for a store that’s about 95% vintage their prices are better than your typical highly-curated vintage store.

To give you an example of their prices, I tried on a vintage trench that was 26€ and a bomber jacket for 35€.

Rue de Flandre 88, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Open | Monday, Thursday – Saturday 11-18h; Wednesday 13-18h

Getting there | It’s a 13 minute walk from the central train station.

Spullenhulp | All 3 Locations in the City

All three of the Spullenhulp shops within the city limits (these also belong to the Les Petits Riens chain) are worth checking out.

Bruxelles Location

The prices at these shops are pretty typical, with jeans priced around 9€-20€ (for bargain bottoms check out the Kringwinkel shops in Antwerp).

I was able to find a cool men’s v-neck sweater here (that I styled as a dress below) for 10€.


Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier 20, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Open | Monday – Saturday 10:30-18h

Getting there | It’s a 12 minute walk from the central train station.

Schaerbeek Location

If you’re after brand name men’s shirts (Dior, Ralph Lauren, etc.) you’ll find a nice selection here. They are priced higher though (at 12-15€) than the other brands.

I did find a cute pair of Ikks utility pants here for 10€.

Chaussée de Helmet 199, 1030 Schaerbeek, Belgium

Open | Monday – Saturday 10:30-18h

Getting there | It’s a 25 minute bus ride from the central train station.

Saint-Josse-ten-Noode Location

I didn’t buy anything from this location but I saw some nice pieces here that would give me reason to return.

Chaussée de Louvain 29, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Belgium

Open | Monday – Saturday 10:30-18h

Getting there | It’s a 17 minute walk from the central train station.

Magasin Armée du Salut (Salvation Army)

This shop has a smaller clothing section and you might have to do some digging to uncover some gems, but I saw a Prada polo that was only 15€, and I tried on a pair of Diesel jeans that were 8€.

I found a brand new with the tag the Sak bag (see how I’ve styled it below for the vanilla girl aesthetic) for 5€.


Boulevard d’Ypres 24, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Open | Monday – Thursday 13-16:30h; Friday 13-18h; 1st & 2nd Saturday of each month 13-18h

Getting there | It’s a 19 minute walk from the central train station.


This is another shop where everything is 15€ per kilo.

When I was there they didn’t have nearly the amount of vintage as the Melting Pot Kilo (that’s right next door) but with these prices and if you’re visiting the Melting Pot, you might as well pop in here also.

Rue Haute 178, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Open | Monday – Friday 10-18h; Saturday – Sunday 10-18:30h

Getting there | It’s a 14 minute walk from the central train station.

Final Thoughts

If you’re headed to Brussels, you’ll want to visit Antwerp too, so be sure to read my guide to the best Antwerp thrift stores for cool stuff at bargain prices.

And for my tricks on how to get the best bargains while you’re thrifting, be sure to check out my Thrifting Tips to Find the Best Deals and if you’re afraid of thrifting something that’s not vegan, give my How to Tell if Clothing is Vegan post a read.

Wondering what other places in Europe are good for thrifting?

Check out my guide to thrift stores in Switzerland and my ebook on the must-visit thrift shops in Zürich, Switzerland.

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As always, happy styling!

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What are the best thrift stores in Brussels?

The best thrift shops in Brussels are Melting Pot Kilo (both locations), Foxhole Vintage St Géry, Le Shop, Emmaüs La Poudrière, Les Petits Riens (Chaussée d’Ixelles 106, 1050 Ixelles; Chaussée de Wavre 800, 1040 Etterbeek; and Chaussée de Jette 683, 1090 Jette), Oxfam Vintage, Spullenhulp (all three locations in the city), Magasin Armée du Salut, and Fripkot.

What language do they speak in Brussels?

Brussels is located in the French part of Belgium, so the most common language spoken there is French. A smaller percentage of the population also speaks Dutch or German, and similar to other major cities, most people know at least some English.

Are the thrift stores in Brussels open on Sunday?

Most thrift stores in Brussels are closed on Sundays. Of my favorites, only the two Melting Pot Kilo locations and Fripkot are open on Sundays.

Is it easy to get from Brussels to Antwerp?

The train ride from Brussels to Antwerp (or Antwerp to Brussels) is really easy (plus inexpensive) and takes only about an hour. If you’re staying in one of these cities, I would highly recommend taking the short train ride to visit the other city as they are quite different.

Is Belgium a good country for thrift shopping?

Belgium is an excellent country for thrift shopping. The prices are good and there are some cool pieces to be found. If you only have time to visit one city, make it Brussels. The thrift and vintage shops are plentiful and there are bargains to be had. Antwerp is also definitely worth a visit. If you have extra time Brugge and Ghent are a short train ride away from Brussels and they also have a few thrift stores.

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