Coziest Men’s Vegan Sweaters to Keep Your Guy Warm All Winter


Images from Left to Right | ThokkThokk; Dedicated; and Will’s Vegan Store

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Finding great wool-free sweater options for men is actually much easier than you might expect. I initially planned to write a blog including brand suggestions for both women’s and men’s vegan jumpers but I was so overwhelmed with options that I decided to break it into two separate posts.

First up is my curated selection of vegan and vegan-friendly sweater & cardigan brands for men and next week I’ll be covering my picks of women’s vegan and vegan-friendly knitwear brands.

If you prefer to shop at 100% vegan companies, those brands are listed first and as always, I haven’t included any fast fashion labels.

Below is a curation of my top picks in no particular order (except that vegan brands are listed first) and you can use the Table of Contents to jump to my selection of vegan or vegan-friendly brands (companies that have vegan options but also carry items with non-vegan materials such as wool, cashmere, leather, etc.).

Table of Contents

Best Vegan Brands for Sweaters, Turtleneck Jumpers & Cardigans

ThokkThokk | Quarter-Zip Organic Cotton Sweater


Source | ThokkThokk

I’ve included the Peta-Approved vegan brand ThokkThokk in some of my other guides (they have a great selection of men’s winter puffers, parkas, and vests) because they offer timeless designs made from innovative and quality materials.

My sweater selection from this brand is their organic cotton quarter-zip pullover that’s available in dark navy (pictured above), black, or cinnamon. It’s a perfect version of this classic sweater style and the navy is timeless.

If the quarter-zip isn’t your style, they also have a variety of other sweater types in solids, stripes, and patterns.

Some of their knitwear is currently on sale but if you fall in love with a regularly priced item you can use my special coupon code HARMFREEFASHION to save 10%.

Price Range | ~$57 – $169 / ~£42 – £125 / 50€ – 149€ (including discounted items)

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION for 10% off

Knitwear Styles | Crewneck sweaters, quarter-zip sweater & cardigan

Sizes | S – XL

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes, free

Will’s Vegan Store | Classic Wool-free Knitwear


Source | Will’s Vegan Store

If you’re in search of the classics, the vegan brand Will’s Vegan Store is always a safe bet. They offer all the typical styles (cardigans, polos, mocknecks & crewnecks) in your favorite neutral shades.

For those cold winter days, it doesn’t get much cozier than pulling on this grey waffle knit cardigan. You might have to get two though as I’m sure your girlfriend/wife/partner will find it just as amazing as you do. 😉

Check out their website to see all their other knitwear options. And for my German-speaking audience, this brand’s website is available in German to make shopping that much easier.

Price Range | $70 – $124 / £50 – £87 / 65€ – 113€

Knitwear Styles | Cardigans, knitted polo, mockneck & crewneck sweaters

Sizes | S – XL

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

Bleed Clothing | Organic Cotton Jumpers


Source | Bleed Clothing

My favorite piece from this Peta-Approved vegan brand is their organic cotton fitted turtleneck jumper. While some of the other companies I feature offer mockneck sweaters, this is one of the few brands that has a true rollneck.

They have a dozen or so other styles including a quarter-zip sweater and a beautiful 3D strip jumper so you have lots of options to choose from.

Price Range | ~$90 – $136 / ~£67 – £101 / 80€ – 120€

Knitwear Styles | Quarter-zip sweater, crewneck sweaters & turtleneck jumper

Sizes | XS – XXL

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes

Pact | Organic Cotton Sweaters


Source | Pact

The vegan brand Pact has just introduced a new collection of organic cotton vegan sweaters including this charcoal heather grey crewneck (it’s also available in army green and mink grey) and a zip cardigan.

This cozy sweater is the perfect weight and cut for layering over a collared shirt and you can never go wrong with charcoal grey.

The collection is so new that they’re not yet available for purchase but they will be soon so you might wish to bookmark this page for future reference.

Price Range | $115 – $140 / £87 – £110

Knitwear Styles | Crewneck sweater & zip cardigan

Sizes | S – XL

Brand Headquarters | USA

International Shipping | Yes

Best Vegan-Friendly Brands for Sweaters, Turtleneck Jumpers & Cardigans

Armedangels | Wool-free Sweaters

Source | Armedangels

There are a plethora of great pullover options from the vegan-friendly brand (they use wool) Armedangels.

The best part is they make it easy to see which of their items are vegan by listing the material composition (organic cotton, wool, or mix) on the main search page so it saves you from having to click into each item to see whether they’re vegan or not.

Pictured above are a couple of my favorites including their beautiful version of a ribbed fisherman sweater in organic cotton.

Price Range | ~$39 – $123 / ~£29 – £92 / 34€ – 109€ (including discounted items)

Knitwear Styles | Quarter-zip, polo, crewneck, and turtleneck sweaters & cardigans

Sizes | S – XXL

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes

Dedicated | Fun Patterned Organic Cotton Knitwear


Source | Dedicated

If you like your sweaters to be taken a little less seriously, this vegan-friendly brand (they started using wool in FW22) has some fun patterned crewnecks, Peanuts pullovers, and even a dog print cardigan.

If you prefer something more reserved, don’t worry, they also offer some classics so they have options for all types of gentlemen.

Most of their knitwear is either 100% organic cotton or a 50/50 blend with Lyocell. (They recently introduced wool into their collections, so be sure to double-check the material list before buying). Unique, stylish, sustainable, and quality. Oh yes, please.

If you love these quirky prints as much as I do (I mean how amazing is this ikat print!), use the discount code THX10 for 10% off.

Price Range | ~$90 – $113 / ~£67 – £84 / 80€ – 100€

Discount Code | THX10 for 10% off

Knitwear Styles | Crewneck sweaters, mock turtleneck jumpers & cardigan

Sizes | XS – XXL

Brand Headquarters | Sweden

International Shipping | Yes

Jan ‘n June | Organic Cotton Knitwear


Source | Jan ‘n June

The vegan-friendly brand (they use cashmere and wool) Jan ‘n June has a number of options including their organic cotton fisherman rib knit sweater (shown above) that features the perfect oversized silhouette.

Check out their website for their full collection of men’s knitwear.

Price Range | ~$62 – $132 / ~£46 – £99 / 55€ – 117€ (including discounted items)

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION5 for 5% off

Knitwear Styles | Sweaters, turtlenecks, polos & cardigan

Sizes | S – XL

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes

Ecoalf | Wool-free Sweater


Source | Ecoalf

The vegan-friendly brand (they use wool and cashmere) Ecoalf currently offers only one vegan sweater for men (available in dark khaki or midnight navy) but it was too fashionable not to include.

The elbow and shoulder patches along with the textured ribbing give it casual military vibes with a viking feel and I’m all for this mashup.

The only thing you have to worry about is your partner stealing it from your closet.

With such great designs, hopefully, they’ll include even more vegan options in the future. 🤞

Price | ~$226 / ~£168 / 200€

Knitwear Styles | Sweater

Sizes | S – XXL

Brand Headquarters | Spain

International Shipping | Yes

Komodo | Fun-Colored Vegan Sweaters


Source | Komodo

Men’s sweaters can often be limited to all the classic neutral colors so the styles from the vegan-friendly brand (they use cashmere, wool, and leather) Komodo feel like a breath of fresh air.

In addition to the red sweater pictured above, the brand also carries striped and patterned jumpers and a cool quarter-zip sweater.

And their “vegan” search filter makes shopping on their website easy and enjoyable.

Price Range | ~$87 – $152 / ~£65 – £113 / 77€ – 134€

Knitwear Styles | Quarter-zip sweater & crewneck sweaters

Sizes | S – XL

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

Final Thoughts

I hope you were as pleasantly surprised as I was as to how many quality wool-free and vegan sweaters there are out there for men.

Whether you’re looking for a zip or button cardigan; quarter-zip jumper; or turtleneck, mockneck, or crewneck pullover I hope you found some of the many options above to your liking.

If none of the sweaters pictured above were what you were looking for, remember these are only my favorite pieces from each brand so be sure to check out their websites to see all the other options they have available.

And if you prefer to shop second-hand, check out my detailed post on how to tell if clothing is vegan to be sure you’re thrifting only vegan sweaters and my thrift secrets post for tricks on how to score the best deals.

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