Best Sustainable Quiet Luxury Brands (With Vegan Options)

Best Sustainable Quiet Luxury Brands (With Vegan Options)

Harmfreefashion models sustainable quiet luxury brands Kowtow (jeans), Jan ‘n June (t-shirt), and Stella McCartney (purse) at the Gotthard Pass, Switzerland.

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Whether you call the quiet luxury movement, old money, stealth wealth, the minimalistic aesthetic, a capsule wardrobe, or something else, this is the “trend” that transcends trends. 

Quiet luxury is based around classic and timeless silhouettes that are designed to be luxurious and high quality, so they stand the test of time (both from a durability sense as well as a “trend” sense). Think Max Mara, The Row, or Loro Piana.

Quiet luxury styles are as wearable today as they will be 10 or 20 years from now. Thus by definition, sustainability has already been woven into this aesthetic. 

While there are some aspects of quiet luxury that will mean its pieces have a lower footprint (higher quality fabrics and better construction techniques for example), the sustainable quiet luxury brands I’ve featured below have consciously taken additional measures to ensure their environmental impact is lessened as much as possible.

This might consist of such features as using organic cotton (GOTS) in their collections, committing to being carbon neutral, or eschewing the use of animal-based textiles in their designs, while simultaneously capturing the old money aesthetic. 

If you’re interested in taking an extra step in your quest to find sustainable quiet luxury brands, check out the curated selection of brands below, all straight from my closet. 

Jan ‘n June – The sustainable brand for knitwear


Harmfreefashion models Jan ‘n June knit skirt.

We can’t talk about sustainable quiet luxury without mentioning the GOTS-certified brand Jan ’n June.

Their pieces are beautifully made (most of which are 100% vegan and clearly labeled as such), easy to style, and ooze quiet luxury.

Their organic cotton khaki knit skirt (that I’ve styled here) fits stealth wealth to a tee.

From basic tees to chunky cardigans and skirts to overcoats, you’ll find it all here.

Click the link below to browse their entire dreamy collection and use the discount code HARMFREEFASHION5 for 5% off.

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION5 for 5% off

Vegan Brand | Vegan-friendly (they use wool and cashmere)

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes

Will’s Vegan Store – The sustainable brand for everything


Harmfreefashion models Will’s Vegan Store tan recycled teddy coat.

You can rely on this carbon neutral, vegan brand to bring you designs so timeless they are available for purchase year after year. 

Every piece from this brand could be worn today or 10 years from now and if that’s not sustainable quiet luxury, I don’t know what is. 

From their footwear and purses to their coats and cardigans, it’s all thoughtfully designed and ethically produced in Europe.

This one-stop shop is slow (vegan) fashion at its finest.

For a vegan dupe of Max Mara’s teddy coat (styled above), check out this version.

And for my German-speaking audience, this brand’s website is available in German to make shopping that much easier.

Vegan Brand | 100% Vegan

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

Save the Duck – The sustainable brand for outerwear


Harmfreefashion models Save the Duck Juliet puffer vest.

The stealth wealth coats and vests from this vegan brand will have you wishing winter was longer.

Each style is cuter than the next and they’re available in an array of rich neutral tones. These are the puffers of your dreams, so shop early for the best sizing selection.

And to learn about all the sustainability measures they have in place, read their 2022 sustainability report here.

Vegan Brand | 100% Vegan

Brand Headquarters | Italy

International Shipping | Yes

Stella McCartney – The sustainable brand for accessories


Harmfreefashion models Stella McCartney cognac tote bag.

Stella McCartney has been offering up the old money aesthetic in a sustainable fashion ever since her label began. (You can read the brand’s sustainability timeline here.)

Invest in one of her classic handbags to bring some quiet luxury to any look. 


Harmfreefashion models Stella McCartney black purse.

If her designs are currently out of your budget, check for bargains on the secondhand market or shop for past-season models that are heavily reduced.

And if ever there’s an aesthetic advocating for shopping last season it’s this one, because the pieces you’ll buy are seasonless. 

Vegan Brand | Vegan-friendly (they use wool and silk)

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

Mud Jeans – The sustainable brand for jeans


Harmfreefashion models Mud Jeans Wyde Sara jeans in stone indigo.

The quiet luxury aesthetic isn’t complete without a quality pair of jeans.

For this wardrobe essential, look no further than the vegan jeans brand (and the world’s first circular denim brand) Mud Jeans. 

Here you’ll find classic designs made of organic and recycled cotton, such as this stylish wide-leg pair in a rich indigo (styled above).

And if you’re not ready to commit to a pair, the brand also offers leasing.

Vegan Brand | 100% Vegan

Brand Headquarters | The Netherlands

International Shipping | Yes to most countries

Kowtow – The sustainable brand for 100% organic cotton clothing


Harmfreefashion models Kowtow black jeans.

From their fabric and thread to their labels and packaging, this brand has thought of everything to make their clothing responsible and easily recyclable.

They also manage to make all of their designs from one single material: organic cotton (like their wide-leg jeans that I’ve styled above).

Most of this company’s offerings are vegan (just pass on any pieces with shell buttons). If such buttons are used, they are listed in their materials list. 

Vegan Brand | Vegan-friendly (they use shell buttons)

Brand Headquarters | New Zealand

International Shipping | Yes

Pact Apparel – The sustainable brand for basics


Harmfreefashion models Pact Apparel leggings and socks.

If your wardrobe is lacking a quality pair of leggings, some socks, or camisoles, look no further than this sustainable brand.

Here you’ll find organic cotton basics to build a capsule closet from and nail the off-duty model aesthetic.

Vegan Brand | 100% Vegan

Brand Headquarters | USA

International Shipping | Yes

Final Thoughts

The brands I’ve featured above will help to make your quiet luxury wardrobe a sustainable one.

And remember, the most sustainable items are the ones already in your closet, so see what you already own that fits this seasonless aesthetic and start from there.

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As always, happy styling!

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