How to Wear a Sweater as a Scarf | Clever Styling Trick to Try

How to Wear a Sweater as a Scarf _ Clever Styling Trick to Try
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Styling a sweater as a scarf is the ultimate trick for transitional weather.

When you’re between seasons and the temperature requires a little extra warmth, break out a chunky sweater or pullover and get layering.

This look works for both dressy and casual outfits and I show you how to style it double-knotted and off-to-the-side.

Double-Knotted Sweater Like a Scarf + Oversized Belted Blazer + Vintage Dress

The first way to wear this style is a twist on the classic preppy style of draping a sweater over your shoulders and tying it loosely in the front.

While this is a totally appropriate way to wear the look, I’ve styled it more like a cape and securely locked it in place with a double-knot.

This way, the pullover stands out as a styled element of your look (especially when it’s in a fun and trending pastel color like lavender) and also makes the whole outfit appear more put together. 

This styling will work with any sweater, pullover, or even sweatshirt, but this lilac version looks super sharp paired with the grey blazer. So easy, chic, and practical.

Harmfreefashion models vegan fashion (thrifted grey men's blazer, lilac sweater as scarf, vintage dress & ankle boots.)


ANKLE BOOTS | Nicora Johns (similar by Will’s Vegan Store)

BELT | Peta + Jain (current styles by Peta + Jain)

PURSE | Peta + Jain (current styles by Peta + Jain)

SUNGLASSES | Oakley (current styles by Oakley)

Side-Knotted Sweater as a Scarf + Boy’s Blazer + Printed T-Shirt + Wide-leg Jeans

Add a little extra pizzazz to a basic blazer and jeans by loosely knotting a chunky cable-knit sweater over your shoulders.

What makes this fit special is wearing the jumper sideways so the knot is on your shoulder.

This offers a playful twist on the typical front-knotted version of this style and how sophisticated does it make this Jurassic Park t-shirt look? 

Harmfreefashion models vegan fashion (thrifted boy's blazer, beige sweater as scarf, Jurassic Park t-shirt, wide-leg jeans).)


RED LOAFERS | By Blanch (similar by Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather and Carmona Collection)

Final Thoughts

These ideas of how to style a sweater as a scarf are the perfect way to add warmth without adding bulk to your physique. And as I’m sure everyone has at least one jumper in their wardrobes, you can start wearing this look today.

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As always, happy styling!

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how to style a sweater as a scarf

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