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I’m not sure there’s another fashion accessory that’s quite as versatile as the vegan silk scarf. Entire books have been written on how to tie them in elaborate ways.

However, no need to have earned the Girl Scout badge for knots in order to be able to duplicate any of these looks. While they might appear fancy, they’re all really easy to master and they’ll add a bit more pizazz to any fit.

Here are my 9+ clever ways to wear a silk-free scarf.

1 /9 | Vegan silk scarf as a top


Whether worn tucked into Bermuda shorts or styled over a bikini, a silk-free scarf can double as a top, so be sure to make it one of your holiday travel must-have items.

How To | Fold the scarf into a triangle, position it over your chest like a tube top, and then double knot it at the back. Voila, simple yet sexy.


2 /9 | Vegan silk scarf as a bracelet or anklet


Tired of all the offerings in your jewelry box? Start looking at your scarves as arm or leg candy and you’ll have a whole new collection of potential “jewelry” pieces to wear.

For further inspiration see how they did it on the Versace runway.

How To | Wrap the scarf two times (or more depending on the length of the scarf) around your wrist or ankle and knot for an unconventional bracelet or anklet.


3 /9 | Vegan silk scarf as a hair accessory


Add some color to your locks without a trip to the salon by tying a scarf onto your hair.

How To | Start by folding your scarf into a thin strip, then wind it around your bun or ponytail and knot. Secure it with bobby pins if necessary.

4 /9 | Vegan silk scarf as a sunglasses chain


Looking to embrace the sunglasses chain trend but don’t own one? No problem. Transform a scarf into a fresh alternative to the classic sunglasses chain.

And the wilder the scarf print, the more quirky this unique necklace will look. Practical and fashionable. We’ll take it.

How To | Fold the scarf on the diagonal, twist it, and then tie it to the arms of the sunglasses.


5 /9 | Vegan silk scarf as a bag


This nifty hack is yet another reason a silk-free scarf should be on the top of your vacation packing list.

Not only can it double as a bag in a pinch but it will also increase your pocketbook options while taking up virtually no space (or none if you apply tip 3 during your travels).

How To | Learn how you can turn your scarf into a bag with this instructional video.

6 /9 | Two (or more) vegan silk scarves layered like necklaces


Can’t decide which scarf you like better with your outfit? Why not wear both. I’ve never seen this done before but we do this with necklaces of various lengths so why not for scarves? 

How To | Select two or more scarves in different sizes and knot them at the back of your neck like a necklace. Start with the longest or biggest scarf first and work toward the smallest.


7 /9 | Vegan silk scarf as a headband


Channel your inner Minnie or Blair Waldorf and turn your scarf into a headband.

How To | Either tie into a bow at the top of your head or knot the scarf at the nape of your neck for a sleek headband like we saw at Salvatore Ferragamo.


8 /9 | Vegan silk scarf as a purse accessory


Accessorizing your purse or tote bag with a scarf is a fun way to quickly add a pop of color to a neutral-toned bag or even more color to an already vibrant purse.

How To | Wrap a scarf around the handles of your bag or tie it to your purse strap.

9 /9 | Vegan silk scarf as a headscarf


Not reinventing the wheel here, but chicly stylish nonetheless is wearing a scarf on your head.

How To | Either knot it under your chin (Balenciaga-style) or at the back of your head (à la Versace S/S 2022).


Bonus | Vegan silk scarf worn casually around your neck


Okay, so nothing groundbreaking here but nevertheless worthy of a mention, is wearing your scarf super casually.

No need to learn a fancy tie or master a complicated knot, as there are numerous ways to nonchalantly tie a scarf around your neck.

How To | My favorite way is to fold it on the diagonal, and tie it at the back of your neck to wear it bandana style (as seen on the Emporio Armani 2022 A/W runway). A couple of other super simple ways are to tie it into a large bowtie or tie it in a loose knot in the front of your neck.


Final Thoughts

No accessory is quite as timeless and versatile as the humble scarf. While this classic staple is trending every season, it seems to be especially popular this year. All the more reason to get in on the action with these clever styling ideas.

Have another nifty way to wear a scarf? Let me know in the comments.

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As always, happy styling!

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Turn Heads with These Unique Silk-free Scarf Styling Ideas


Michelle Rothenburger

Michelle Rothenburger is a vegan fashion blogger whose work has been featured in such publications as Marie Claire, InStyle, Woman & Home, and Vilda. Find out more by reading Michelle’s full story (from bullied to fashion influencer) and feel free to send her a personal message.


Are scarves vegan?

Silk scarves aren’t vegan as they are made using silk, which comes from the silkworm. However, you can find animal-free scarves made from vegan fabrics. These silk-free alternatives will most often be made from polyester. Winter scarves can often be made from wool, cashmere, or mohair (all of which originate from an animal and thus are not vegan). You can find winter scarves in a number of vegan materials such as modal, organic cotton, viscose, and polyester.

How do you wear a vegan silk scarf in 2023?

Try something unique this season by tying your scarf to your hair; style it as though it’s jewelry by wearing it as a necklace, bracelet, or anklet; or make a tube top out of it.

Are silk-free scarves still in style in 2023?

Vegan silk scarves are a timeless accessory and their popularity only seems to grow as each season passes. This is an accessory that’s as classic as it is versatile, making it well worth the investment.

What makes a scarf vegan?

A scarf is vegan when it’s free of any and all animal-derived fabrics such as silk, cashmere, wool, mohair, Angora, fur, leather, and feathers. Selecting one in any of the numerous vegan materials (think organic cotton, vegan leather, faux fur, polyester, linen, bamboo, viscose, modal, etc.) would make it vegan. Just be sure to check the scarf for any additional non-vegan accessories (such as small leather patches, mother-of-pearl buttons, fur accents, etc.) that probably won’t be mentioned on the label.

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