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If you’re a fashionista who also loves to hike, the hiking-boots-as-street-style-statement is the perfect trend to feed two birds with one scone.

Admittedly, the models I’ve featured below were selected for fashion purposes (hiking couture, if you will), but the great thing is that most are also perfectly equipped to help you summit mountains in comfort and style. And if you’re looking for a hiking boot to wear strictly for fashion, I’ve included an option for that as well.

Not sure how to style your hiking boots off the trails? Check out my post on hiking boots fits for gorpcore gone glam.

Below, in no particular order, is my selection of hiking boots (all of which I’ve confirmed are 100% vegan).

Will’s Vegan Store | Vegan Hiking Boots (Insulated & Waterproof)

Source | Will’s Vegan Store

There’s no need to scrutinize the material lists for any of these hiking boots, as everything this vegan company produces is 100% vegan.

They offer insulated and uninsulated versions of their popular WVSport boots as well as a special Sequoia edition (pictured above).

All styles are offered in men’s and women’s sizes and transition seamlessly from the streets to the trails or vice versa. Style them like you would a black sneaker and for more style inspiration see four ways I’ve styled them for the gorpcore aesthetic.

Their sizes tend to sell out quickly, so click below to get yours while it’s still available. And for my German-speaking audience, this brand’s website is available in German to make shopping that much easier.

Price Range | $173 – $187 / £122 – £131 / 151€ – 162€

Sizes | Women’s US 5 – 10 (EU 36 – 42); Men’s US 7.5 – 13 (EU 40 – 47)

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

Thesus | Cute Vegan Hiking Boots

Source | Thesus

If you want to channel the laid-back style of Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown then these are the hiking boots for you.

They come in 10 different color combos so go for the classic brown version to emulate Kate (pictured above), the brown version with red laces (for the quintessential hiking boot style popularized by Reese Witherspoon in Wild), or opt for a fun colored pair such as indigo (also shown above).


Source | Thesus

Whichever color is your favorite, all of the models within their Weekend Boot line are 100% vegan and come in women’s and men’s sizing.

Note that the brand is virtually entirely vegan apart from one wool insole.

Price | $198 / ~£151 / ~182€

Sizes | Women’s US 6 – 12 (EU 36 – 44); Men’s US 6.5 – 12.5 (EU 39 – 46)

Brand Headquarters | USA

International Shipping | Yes

Lowa | Vegan Hikers


Source | Lowa

This vegan-friendly brand (they use leather and wool) offers two models of vegan hiking boots. 

The first is their Innox line and that currently comes in six color options for women (shown above in Coyote) and 10 for men.

The khaki color is perfect for spring/summer and would look ultra cute styled with a cutesy floral dress.


Source | Lowa

Their other vegan model is called Ferrox and that’s available in two colors for men (pictured above in the men’s graphite/lime version) and two for women.

All of their vegan models say either “100% vegan” in the description and/or have a “vegan friendly” picture below the description. Sadly a search for “vegan” doesn’t populate any results so it’s best to search for either of these two models.

Price Range | $200 – $235 / ~£152 – £179 / ~183€ – 216€

Sizes | Women’s US 5.5 – 11; Men’s US 7.5 – 15

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes, select your country

Vegetarian Shoes | Vegan Hiking Boots

Source | Vegetarian Shoes

This vegan brand offers some classic looking hiking boot models (two versions pictured above) in addition to a sneaker/boot hybrid (shown below) with a high-top design for ankle support.


Source | Vegetarian Shoes

Style any of their designs with cropped raw hem jeans, leggings, or a flowy dress. All are street and woods approved.

Price Range | ~$223 – $256 / £170 – £195 / ~205€ – 235€

Sizes | Unisex sizing EU 36 – 47 (Women’s US 5 – 11; Men’s US 7 – 13)

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

Bhava | Fashionable Vegan Hikers

Source | Bhava

If you’re looking for a design that exudes hiking boot vibes but that you don’t actually intend to wear hiking, this vegan brand has some great options. Their styles feature all the tell-tale signs of a hiking boot but are intended to complete your street-style outfit.

I love the look of their Rally hiker boot, especially in the uniquely beautiful pearlized burgundy (pictured above). They also offer a couple of insulated models designed for winter walks around your favorite cities.

Style their fashion hikers as if they were a pair of dressy heeled boots.

Price | $289 / ~£221 / ~267€

Sizes | Women’s US 5 – 11 (EU 35 – 41)

Brand Headquarters | USA

International Shipping | Yes

Final Thoughts

I know finding 100% vegan footwear can sometimes feel like an arduous task. That’s why I hope you found what you were looking for here (whether you plan to hit the streets or the trails), as there’s no need to sacrifice style or comfort with all of these great vegan offerings.

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As always, happy styling!

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10 Vegan Hiking Boots For Fashion Lovers | Women’s & Men’s


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