Switzerland Second-Hand Shopping Guide by a Thrift Expert

Updated on 17 December 2023

Despite being such a small country, Switzerland is rich with quality preloved stores and I know, as I’ve been to over 100 of them.

If you’re a thrift lover like myself and you live in or are planning a trip to Switzerland, then this guide to Swiss second-hand shops is for you. 🇨🇭

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My countrywide guide starts below with a few chain shops that have stores all over Switzerland. I then feature a few specific shops in some of the largest cities as well as some more random shops you might never hear about otherwise. I’ve found some gems in these places so it pays to go off the beaten path. 

If you have a favorite shop that’s not listed, please let me know in the comments and happy thrifting!

Salvation Army (Heilsarmee) Second-hand Shops ‑ 20 Locations

There are 20 Salvation Army (Heilsarmee in German) brocki shops (see the list with links to each below) throughout Switzerland.

I believe the one in Frauenfeld to have the largest selection of clothes and I honestly felt like I was in a big thrift chain shop in the United States. This shop is definitely worth checking out, just make sure you have at least an hour or more to spend! 

I’ve found things at a lot of their shops, including this pink safari-style dress in Geneva (for 9.90 CHF) and this green Lacoste sweater in Lausanne (both styled above).

This chain also offers a free frequent‑buyer card. You earn points with every purchase and donation, that are then converted into store credit. Additionally, you can receive occasional discount coupons via email. 

They have shops in Zürich, Bern, Lausanne, Geneva, Nyon, Pratteln (near Basel), Kriens (near Luzern), Biel, Altstätten, Huttwil, Gossau‑St. Gallen, Wila, Wetzikon, Wöschnau Aarau, Schaffhausen, Berner Oberland, Luterbach‑Solothurn, Reinach‑Aarau, Frauenfeld, and Baar (their newest location that opened 30. April 2022).

Blue Cross (Blaues Kreuz) Second-hand Shops ‑ 21 Locations 

This is another large chain that has 21 shops across the country.

I’ve found some cute stuff at their location in Thun and I’d recommend going on Monday as they have a dice game where you can get up to 18% off everything.

These shops are definitely worth a look and the proceeds benefit those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. 

The Blue Cross shops (Blaues Kreuz in German) are located in Winterthur, Bern, Thun, St. Gallen, Gais, Reinach‑Basel, Thusis, Zizers, Berneck, Wil, Jona, Amriswil, Pfyn, Weinfelden, Kreuzlingen, Chavannes, Bülach, Dübendorf, Ibach, and their two newest locations are in Basel (opened Nov 26th 2022) and Derendingen (opened Jan 21st 2023).

HIOB International Thrift Shops ‑ 25 Locations 

Harmfreefashion models vegan fashion (thrifted black jacket, belt, bag + combat boots & floral dress.)

The next chain is HIOB International and they have a total of 25 shops.

I found this sweet technical-looking Diesel jacket (possibly one of my all‑time favorite finds) for 5 CHF in their Frutigen location.

It really shows you never know what you might find where!

They have stores in Winterthur, Basel, Bern‑Breitenrain, Bern‑Bümpliz, Thun, Biel, Alchenflueh‑Burgdorf, Bellach, Beringen, Brig‑Glis, Chur, Emmen, Frutigen, Langenthal, Martigny, Münchenstein, Murten, Muttenz, Olten, Reinach AG, Rorschach, Conthey, Wittenbach, Worblaufen, and Zofingen.

ZĂĽrcher Brockenhaus Thrift Shop in ZĂĽrich 

I’ve found a few cool pieces here including the vintage fuchsia pants I’ve styled a couple of different ways above. The shop is spread over multiple floors and has a large selection.

It’s a short walk from the main train station in ZĂĽrich.

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Lost and Found (Fundsachenverkauf) Thrift Shop in ZĂĽrich 

This is a really fun shop that resells all the items that have been lost on public transit in Switzerland. They have a lot of jewelry and many items are brand new with the tag. They also have a lot of designer pieces.

The stock is frequently changing so you never know what you might find. I’ve found many pairs of sunglasses here and a vintage watch.

For many more thrifting options in ZĂĽrich, check out my new ebook: Thrift Shopping Guide to ZĂĽrich, Switzerland.

EmmaĂĽs Brockenhaus Thrift Shop in Bern

This brockenhaus tends to have very reasonable prices and I found both the equestrian Ralph Lauren blazer (for 15 CHF) and the floral pencil skirt (for 5 CHF) here.

It’s located outside of the city so you need to take either a train or tram to get there. 

Bärner Brocki Thrift Shop in Bern

Visit this shop for a large selection of everything, including a rather extensive clothing section. They also have a cute little cafe where you can get a drink and/or freshly baked pastries.

It’s located a short bus ride from the main train station.

Caritas Second-hand Shop in Luzern

This store has a decent selection of clothes and often has sales running. It’s a short walk from the main train station or can be accessed via bus. 

Caritas is also a chain store and has numerous shops across Switzerland including a few in ZĂĽrich as well as Geneva. 

Cartons du Coeur Thrift Shop in Pratteln

Harmfreefashion models vegan fashion (thrifted Snoopy shirt, mens shirt, navy blazer)

This shop is a bit of a travel from Basel but it has really good prices, so I find it’s worth it.

The Salvation Army shop in Basel also moved to Pratteln, so now you have even more of an incentive to check them both out.

This one is cash only so make sure you have money with you. I found this cute Snoopy shirt here for a few CHF.

Schickeria Secondhand Boutique in Aarau

This is a boutique shop and thus has a curated selection of items. As such, they specialize in better brands. 

You’re also able to sell your clothes here on commission, as I’ve done before. 

It’s worth checking out and it can be reached easily from Bern, Zürich, or Basel.

More Thrifting Tips

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As always happy thrifting and styling.

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