Women’s Vegan Sweaters & Knitwear to Keep You Cozy All Winter


Images from Left to Right | ThokkThokk; House of Sunny; and Recolution

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Last week, men’s sweaters were the focus (and if you’re into menswear as much as I am perhaps you spotted something for yourself).

If not, here’s my comprehensive list of women’s wool-free sweaters, cardigans, knit dresses, sweater vests, and knitwear. And similar to last week, this list became so extensive that I needed to break it into two separate posts. (Yes, there really are that many vegan sweater options out there!)

First up is my selection of vegan brands offering women’s knitwear and next week I’ll cover my top picks for vegan-friendly brands with wool-free knitwear options.

Below is a selection of my top picks (as always, free of fast fashion brands) in no particular order.


Source | Recolution

How infinitely cute is this sweet lilac cardigan with its chunky honeycomb knit and pockets? If pastels aren’t your thing, then equally chic is this fisherman knit quarter-zip sweater with the perfect oversized collar.

These are just two of the fabulous options from the Peta-Approved vegan brand Recolution so be sure to check out their website for all their designs.

The only (potential) caveat here is that the website of this German company is in, well, German.

Thanks to Google translate, this isn’t as much of a barrier as it once was and their styles, quality, and designs are worth the possible added effort it will be to overcome the language barrier.

The link will bring you to their knitwear (Strick in German) but also check out the cardigans as that’s where that lilac number is hiding.

Price Range | ~$45 – $134 / ~£33 – £99 / 40€ – 119€ (including discounted items)

Knitwear Styles | Cardigans, quarter-zip sweater, rollneck jumper, knit dress, crewneck & scoop neck pullovers

Sizes | XS – XL

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Limited to Europe but you can contact them to see if they’ll ship to your country


Source | ThokkThokk

The Peta-Approved vegan brand ThokkThokk has a plentiful selection of women’s cardigans (both long and short), sweaters, knit turtlenecks, and lighter-weight pullovers all of which are made from 100% organic cotton.

I especially like this long printed cardigan with, what I feel, is a feminized and abstract take on camo print and their raglan pullover that’s in a beautiful marlin blue and has a chunky fisherman knit.

Style any of their sweaters and cardigans with jeans or dress pants and tall chunky boots. And take advantage of my discount code HARMFREEFASHION to save 10%.

Price Range | ~$57 – $157 / ~£42 – £117 / 50€ – 139€ (including discounted items)

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION for 10% off

Knitwear Styles | Crewneck sweaters, mock turtleneck jumpers & long or short cardigans

Sizes | XS – XL

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes, free

Will’s Vegan Store

Source | Will’s Vegan Store

For all the classic colors, shapes, and styles you can always count on the vegan brand Will’s Vegan Store. 

Peruse their website for timeless designs including this chunky knit cardigan jacket and their recycled knit beige crewneck. And for my German-speaking audience, this brand’s website is available in German to make shopping that much easier.

Price Range | $70 – $121 / £49 – £85 / 64€ – 110€

Knitwear Styles | Boatneck, crewneck & slouch knit sweaters, turtleneck jumpers & cardigans

Sizes | XS – XXL

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes


Source | Apparis

Nothing brings a smile to dreary winter days quite like the bubblegum pink and dandelion yellow knits from the vegan brand Apparis.

If you’re after a sweater vest (tank top for those in the UK) this is one of the few brands with some vegan versions and if you’re looking for a cashmere alternative you might give their new vegan cashmere collection a look.

Use my special discount code HARMFREEFASHION to get 15% off their extensive knitwear collection.

Price Range | $79 – $218 / 111€ – 218€

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION for 15% off

Knitwear Styles | Sweater dress, sweaters, sweater vest & cardigans

Sizes | XXS – XXL

Brand Headquarters | USA

International Shipping | Limited to USA/Canada and Europe

Bleed Clothing

Source | Bleed Clothing

The offerings from the Peta-Approved vegan brand Bleed Clothing are timeless and how can you not fall in love with their organic cotton cardigan with a swoon-worthy 3D zig-zag knit and creamy off-white color.

Head over to their website to see all their other styles.

Price Range | ~$79 – $136 / ~£59 – £101 / 70€ – 120€

Knitwear Styles | Sweaters, quarter-zip jumper & cardigan

Sizes | XS – XXL

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes

House of Sunny

Source | House of Sunny

If you’re over wearing boring sweaters, then the vegan brand House of Sunny is just what you’ve been searching for.

I mean, how amazing are these styles?!

Not only do they have the sweetest 🦢 sweater vests but their cardigans are equally dreamy, what with their oversized collars and the coolest patterns. The back of their Night Tripper cardigan (with the nod to ET) is even cuter than the front.

Their designs are eclectic, unique, and infinitely quirky. Style these beauties with jeans to keep them the centerpiece of the outfit.

Price Range | ~$118 – $176 / £87 – £130

Knitwear Styles | Sweater vests, cardigans & sweaters

Sizes | 2 – 14 (US) / 6 – 18 (UK)

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes


Source | Lovjoi

If you like your sweaters vintage-inspired and delicate looking, the Peta-Approved vegan brand Lovjoi definitely has some options for you.

I especially like their ajour and knot design knits (available in a sweater with a gorgeous scooped back or a v-neck cardigan).

All of their sweaters would style well with any of their new boots especially their tall stomper boots and you can use my special discount code HARMFREE to save 10% off everything.

Price Range | ~$146 – $203 / ~£108 – £150 / 129€ – 179€

Discount Code | HARMFREE for 10% off

Knitwear Styles | Crewneck sweaters, scoop back sweaters, mock turtleneck jumpers & long or short cardigans

Sizes | XS – XL

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes, free


Source | Pact

Cozy and stylish are the name of the game for the vegan brand Pact. Their organic cotton sweaters and cardigans strive to keep you warm and looking your best this frigid season.

Whether you’re snuggled in front of the fire at a ski resort or out braving the elements, these fisherman knit pieces are up for the challenge.

Price Range | $140 – $180 / £110 – £140

Knitwear Styles | Hooded sweater jacket, cardigan & fisherman sweater

Sizes | XS – XXL

Brand Headquarters | USA

International Shipping | Yes

Final Thoughts

These nine vegan brands should offer you countless wool-free sweater options and if a man in your life needs a vegan sweater give my men’s vegan sweaters post a read.

Or click here for more vegan sweater options with my curation of vegan-friendly sweater brands.

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