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This will undoubtedly be the shortest of all my “Best Of” vegan brand guides, not because of a lack of vegan apparel brands, but rather because I purchase the majority of my clothing from second hand shops.

There are some exceptions to this, as I occasionally purchase new outwear (as I’ve featured below) and I found a fabulous vegan lingerie brand that I just had to share.

I will be continually updating this post as I acquire more vegan apparel and once I’m able to model and style it for you.

Save the Duck

This vegan outerwear brand has been on my radar for a number of years now, after spotting them in a European department store. Before that I had never heard of them and honestly didn’t even know such amazing vegan brands like this existed. You can think of them as a veganized Canada Goose.

They have so many chic styles of down-free puffer coats as well as rain jackets in a lot of fun colors, so it can make it really hard to decide on which one to buy. I had been eyeing a number of different styles but once I saw this long sleeping bag coat in curry yellow I knew that was the coat for me and let me tell you it hasn’t disappointed me!

The warmth rating of their coats varies and this one has a rating of “warm” meaning it’s meant for temperatures between -5ºC and +10ºC.

This puffer is also one from their recycled collection so it’s made from recycled plastic bottles. You can see more photos of me modeling this coat in my How To Look Chic Even When It’s Scary Cold Out post.


I realize this won’t be the bra brand for everyone, as they market themselves as “the lingerie brand for small busts.” However, if you do have smaller boobs (A or B cup) I would highly recommend this German vegan brand.

I have three different styles (Stella, Audrey, & Jackie) of their bras and I love wearing all three of them. Their bras are made from fairtrade organic cotton and all of their products and packaging are animal-free.

They are also the most comfortable and feminine bras I’ve ever owned and their customer service is fabulous. Aikyou is definitely the type of brand that you feel good about supporting (no pun intended 🙃). You can shop all their bras and underwear here. The company is based out of Germany and they offer international shipping.

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Michelle Rothenburger

Michelle Rothenburger is a vegan fashion blogger whose work has been featured in such publications as Marie Claire, InStyle, Woman & Home, and Vilda. Find out more by reading Michelle’s full story (from bullied to fashion influencer) and feel free to send her a personal message.

All your must-have vegan accessories!

Thanks for reading my blog post until the end.

To me, no outfit is complete without some killer accessories, that’s why I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite vegan accessories below.

Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning, if you click through and make a purchase, I will earn a commission to help support my blog and keep it ad-free.

Combat Boots: You can’t go wrong with these killer black vegan leather combat boots from Viron World. I dedicated this entire post to them and also styled them in a grungy look and for winter.

White Lug-Sole Boots: If you’re looking for an awesome pair of chunky white boots then this pair from Venus is Vegan is a dream. As comfortable as they are chic, you’ll want to style them with everything. Use discount code HARMFREEFASHION20 to save 20% off all styles. I show you three ways to style them for winter and one way for spring.

White Chunky Sneakers: These white trainers from Humans are Vain have the perfect amount of chunkiness in addition to an unexpected splash of color. If you use the coupon code HARMFREEFASHION you’ll get 15% off. Here’s how I styled them with a layered outfit for spring, with mom denim shorts, and with winter layers.

White Low-top Sneakers: If you’re searching for the perfect classic white shoes then these beauties from BeFlamboyant are it. Discount code HARMFREEFASHION will save you 10% off. See how I styled them for winter and with a timeless trench coat.

Timeless Purses: My favorite brand for classic purses is Angela Roi. The styles are all super fashionable and made from a luxurious-looking pebbled vegan leather. I have their Barton mini bag in postbox red, which is sadly out of stock but all of their other styles are equally as cool and timeless.

Personally recommended purse brands: To see a detailed list of my favorite purse brands check out my Best of Vegan Handbags post.

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