Vegan Fashion Influencers | 9 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts


Social media is teeming with vegan food bloggers but when it comes to vegan fashion, the pool of accounts talking predominately about vegan fashion is still rather small.

For this reason, I’d like to shine the light on those influencers making it a point to focus on and highlight vegan fashion. Give these accounts a follow to fill your feed with vegan fashion inspiration.

@grandermarnier | Sarah

I can’t think of vegan fashion without Sarah’s account coming to mind. She’s a fashion school graduate turned vegan fashion expert.

Follow her for vegan fashion infographics (she’s the queen of these types of posts), vegan brand reviews, and veganized looks.

She recently launched a Youtube channel discussing all things vegan fashion, so you might also wish to check that out (in addition to her blog). And to get on Sarah’s good side, quote or reference Friends 😉.

@christinapippin | Christina

Christina epitomizes veganized French minimalist chic. A lover of neutral shades and with a soft spot for all things vintage, she’ll make you start looking at neutral tones in a whole new light. Her style is veganized Parisian vibes for sure.

You’ll also want to check out her vegan lifestyle blog for all things vegan.

@clarakoi_ | Clara

Clara is a vegan fashionista who’s not afraid to rock a bit of color. She gives a modern, fresh spin to her vintage and preloved pieces and proves that vegan fashion doesn’t equal boring. Her unique style sense serves as major inspiration for vegans and non-vegans alike.

You can also find her on her vegan lifestyle blog that you can read in either English or Swedish.

@saschacamilli | Sascha

If anyone knows vegan fashion it’s Sascha. After all, she did write one of the only books out there on vegan fashion!

Check out her account for sophisticated and elegant vegan fashion looks that appear effortlessly styled. They’re timelessly chic with a dash of tough-girl attitude.

@dresswellthinkwell | Anita

For vintage and preloved vegan fashion inspo, Anita is your girl. She’s a big thrifting advocate and often models entirely second-hand looks.

As a lover of dresses and blazers, you’ll rarely see pictures of her in casual wear so if you’re looking for vegan fashion styling ideas that you can wear to the office, look no further.

@style.withasmile | Noa

If you check out Noa’s account, you’re sure to be introduced to some new vegan fashion brands (especially if you live in the US). She models and styles everything beautifully and loves to mix and match her vegan and ethical pieces with her thrifted finds.

She also has a vegan lifestyle blog that has a heavy focus on vegan fashion.

@justeasynice | Klara

Klara’s take on vegan fashion is by way of a ’70s style aesthetic (with a hint of boho-chic) and she rounds out her vegan looks with her favorite vegan accessories brands.

If shades of autumn and flared jeans are your vibe, you’ll feel right at home on her feed.

@hakamme | Emma

Emma is truly passionate about vegan fashion. Not only does she work as a vegan fashion model (who’s worked with some top vegan brands, including Sans Beast and Alexandra K), but she’s also writing a book called How Veganism Can Save Us, and she founded the non-profit Collective Fashion Justice.

Follow her personal account to see some of her stunning modeling shots (wearing all vegan fashion of course) and check out Collective Fashion Justice to learn more about ethical and animal-free fashion.

@tedisarah | Tedi

Tedi’s account is more fur babies and less fashion but if you’re a vegan fashion lover who also appreciates photos of the most adorable dog and bunny 🐶🐰 (I mean, who doesn’t?!) then Tedi’s account is a happy mix of these things.

I would describe her style as California casual and her everyday looks are relatable and can be easily replicated. She also has a vegan lifestyle blog.

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Michelle Rothenburger

Michelle Rothenburger is a vegan fashion blogger whose work has been featured in such publications as Marie Claire, InStyle, Woman & Home, and Vilda. Find out more by reading Michelle’s full story (from bullied to fashion influencer) and feel free to send her a personal message.

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