Coziest Women’s Vegan Sweaters | 11 Vegan-Friendly Brands


Images from Left to Right | Jan ‘n June; Armedangels; and Ecoalf

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To round out my vegan sweaters theme (two weeks ago was men’s vegan sweaters and last week I shared my picks for vegan sweater brands for women) here’s a selection of vegan-friendly brands offering vegan sweater options.

Note that, unlike my last post, the brands I’ve featured also carry non-vegan items so be sure to double-check your selection to ensure it’s free of animal materials. Of course, all the items pictured are 100% vegan.

Below is a selection of my top picks (void of fast fashion brands) in no particular order.


Source | Ecoalf

This vegan-friendly brand (they use cashmere and wool) doesn’t have the largest selection of vegan knitwear but the pieces they offer are so stinking stylish I had to include them.

I especially love their hooded knit jacket and chunky cardigan, which are both available in martini olive or black. These would definitely be worn on repeat all season long.

Price Range | ~$226 – $313  / ~£168 – £231 / 200€ – 275€

Knitwear Styles | Cardigan, sweater & knit jacket

Sizes | XS – XL

Brand Headquarters | Spain

International Shipping | Yes

Jan ‘n June

Source | Jan ‘n June

The vegan-friendly brand (they use cashmere and wool) Jan ‘n June has so many beautiful vegan sweater options, so you need to check out their website to fully appreciate their selection.

My picks are their sweater vest and this chunky mockneck sweater. For some reason, finding vegan sweater vests (🇬🇧 = tank tops) is one of the more challenging items to find wool-free so I’m so glad this brand has a killer version in organic cotton.

Price Range | ~$46 – $104 / ~£35 – £77 / 41€ – 92€ (including discounted items)

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION5 for 5% off

Knitwear Styles | Knitted dresses, chunky cardigans, chunky knit sweaters & sweater vest

Sizes | XS – XXL

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes


Source | Armedangels

How delicious is this punchy tomato red fisherman knit sweater from the vegan-friendly brand (they use wool) Armedangels?

This baby can take you from the festive season straight through Valentine’s Day, generating smiles along the way.

Among their other designs is this lovely organic cotton cardigan that’s available in a natural undyed off-white. Options for color-lovers and color-phobics abound.

Price Range | ~$57 – $115 / ~£42 – £85 / 50€ – 101€

Knitwear Styles | Knit dress + skirt, cardigans, crewneck, mockneck & scoop neck sweaters

Sizes | XS – XXL

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes


Source | Dedicated

If you’re looking for a sweater or cardigan with a fun print or design, the options from this vegan-friendly brand (they use wool) might be just the thing.

They have some solid-colored designs but I’m in love with their cat and dog prints, Peanuts sweaters, and ikat patterns.

Their eye-catching styles are sure to garner countless compliments and evoke smiles from strangers.

Love a unique print as much as I do? Then use THX10 to save 10%.

Price Range | $89 – $149 / £70 – £120 / 80€ – 130€

Discount Code | THX10 for 10% off

Knitwear Styles | Crewneck sweaters, sweater dress, long sweaters & cardigan

Sizes | XS – XL

Brand Headquarters | Sweden

International Shipping | Yes


Source | Givn

Chunky knit goodness is the name of the game for the vegan-friendly (they use wool) German brand Givn. Whether you’re seeking a fisherman knit cardigan or sweater this brand has a number of options to choose from all in classically rich tones.

And if you’re looking for the ultimate sailor sweater be sure to check out the men’s section for their chic blue and white striped jumper.

Similar to the German brand Recolution that I featured last week, this brand’s website is also only in German. Google Translate will help you navigate it and their “vegan” search feature makes shopping that much easier.

Price Range | ~$68 – $136 / ~£50 – £100 / 60€ – 120€

Knitwear Styles | Cardigans, v neck + crewneck sweaters, knit dress & knit culottes

Sizes | XS – XXL

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes


Source | Cossac

The vegan options from the vegan-friendly brand (they use wool) Cossac are limited but definitely worth a look. I love their chunky knit in this rich, lush teal color. They also offer a thin-gauge knit midi dress and jumpsuit.

If you fall in love with one of their designs you can use my discount code HARMFREEFASHION to save 5%.

Price Range | $119 – $189 / £88 – £140 / 105€ – 167€

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION for 5% off

Knitwear Styles | Chunky crewneck sweater, knit skirt, jumpsuit & midi dress

Sizes | XS – L

International Shipping | Yes

People Tree

Source | People Tree

There are a number of vegan sweater options from this vegan-friendly brand (they use wool), including a v neck jumper, thin knit polo sweater, and patterned crewnecks.

Unfortunately, there’s no option to narrow your selection to the vegan items but the material composition is listed on the front page so you can quickly see which items contain wool.

Price Range | $83 – $135 / £53 – £85 / 73€ – 119€ 

Knitwear Styles | V neck jumper, polo, crewneck & mockneck sweaters

Sizes | 4 – 12 (US) / 8 – 16 (UK)

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

Warm Hugs Only

Source | Warm Hugs Only

There are (currently) only two vegan sweater options from this vegan-friendly brand (they use wool), but with designs and a name this cute, how could I not include them in this sweater roundup?

Note that not all color variations of this sweater vest are vegan so be sure to double-check to make sure you don’t accidentally select one made of wool.

If you like creative designs and wish to support a small, women-owned business, definitely check out this brand.

Price Range | ~$192 – $199 / ~£142 – £147 / 170€ – 176€

Knitwear Styles | Short sleeve polo knit & sweater vest

Sizes | 2 sizes – see website for measurements

Brand Headquarters | Ukraine

International Shipping | Yes

Kings of Indigo

Source | Kings of Indigo

The vegan-friendly brand (they use leather and wool) Kings of Indigo was previously featured in my Vegan-Friendly Jeans Guide and I couldn’t help but include their sweater options here.

I love their forest green cardigan and mockneck thick-knit sweater but see their website for their complete selection.

Price Range | ~$91 – $193 / 80€ – 170€

Knitwear Styles | Cardigan, mockneck & crewneck sweater

Sizes | XS – XL

Brand Headquarters | The Netherlands

International Shipping | Yes


Source | Komodo

This vegan-friendly brand (they use wool, cashmere, and leather) has a beautiful wine-colored mockneck sweater and a quarter-zip sweater with a unique 3D texture.

Head over to their website to see their knit dress and other sweater options.

Price Range | $69 – $152 / £50 – £110 / 61€ – 134€

Knitwear Styles | Knit dress, quarter-zip sweater, sweaters & mock turtleneck jumpers

Sizes | 4 – 10 (US) / 8 – 14 (UK)

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

Mela Wear

Source | Mela Wear

All of the current knitwear options from this vegan-friendly brand (they use leather) are made of organic cotton and thus vegan. 

In addition to their thicker-knit sweaters and cardigans, they also have some thin-gauge knit turtlenecks and knit dresses.

For those living in the US, UK, or AU note that their shipping is limited to the EU.

Price Range | ~$40 – $102 / ~£29 – £75 / 35€ – 90€ (including discounted items)

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION for 15% off. Good through 31 March 2022.

Knitwear Styles | Knit dress, cardigans, turtleneck jumpers & sweaters

Sizes | XS – XL

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Limited to EU, Norway & Switzerland

Amour Vert 


Source | Amour Vert 

This vegan-friendly brand (they use wool and silk) has a number of patterned sweaters and cardigans. 

My top selection from this brand is their navy and white striped sailor sweater. Perfect with jeans and loafers or worn as a scarf.

Check out their website for their full collection and the best way to see their vegan items is to filter by material and select “organic cotton.”

Price Range | $79 – $228 / ~£58 – £168 / ~70€ – 202€ (including discounted items)

Knitwear Styles | Sweaters & cardigans

Sizes | XS – XL

Brand Headquarters | USA

International Shipping | Limited to US, UK, CA, AU, FR & DE

Final Thoughts

The selection of vegan sweater options is even more plentiful than I thought so hopefully you’ve discovered some new potential brands.

If you didn’t see what you were looking for here or prefer to shop at vegan-only brands, check out my previous post of women’s sweaters from vegan brands, and if you like menswear as much as I do, give my men’s vegan sweaters post a read.

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