These 13+ Vegan Mules Will Have You Saying “Gucci, Who?”

These 13+ Vegan Mules Will Have You Saying “Gucci, Who_”

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Not quite a loafer and a close cousin to the clog, vegan mules might be just the answer if you’re looking for a comfortable yet fashionable dress shoe.

Naturally, I did a deep dive to bring you the coolest vegan mules for women and men. Styles so cute they’ll leave you saying “Gucci, who?”

Allkind Vegan | Women’s Vegan Suede Mules


Source | Allkind Vegan

This beautiful handmade version of vegan slip-on mules features a barely-there heel, an expensive-looking snaffle bit, and they come in a rich neutral stone color.

While beige and taupe-colored footwear can be more challenging to track down, they still deserve a place in every woman’s wardrobe.

If this color is currently lacking from your footwear collection, this is the pair to fill that void.

Style these vegan loafer mules with chunky socks or knee highs and dark denim for the cooler months.

Price | $194 / £160 / 187€

Color Options | Stone or black vegan suede

Sizes | Women’s US 5 – 10 (EU 36 – 41)

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

Sylven New York | Women’s Vegan Leather Mules


Source | Sylven New York

This style of vegan low-heeled mules is minimalistic yet has just the right amount of pizazz. The pointed toe and beautiful white contrasting stitching serve to elevate this timeless design.

These easy-to-style vegan mules are fitting for just about all social occasions, making them a wardrobe staple.

If this is the investment vegan mule you’ve been seeking, click the link below to see if your size is still available.

Price | $364 / £300 / 349€

Discount Code | HARMFREE15 for 15% off

Color Options | Black or blush vegan leather

Sizes | Women’s US 5.5 – 11 (EU 36 – 41.5)

Brand Headquarters | USA

International Shipping | Yes

Veerah | Women’s Flat Vegan Dress Mules


Source | Veerah

You’ll be the talk of the office when you roll up in these beautiful vegan mules.

Not only that, they’ll take you from desk to disco without skipping a beat.

Go for the leopard print ones for a wear-with-everything style that’s also unexpected.

Price | $268 / ~£223 / ~259€

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION for 10% off

Color Options | Black or leopard print vegan apple leather

Sizes | Women’s US 5 – 11 (EU 35 – 42)

Brand Headquarters | USA

International Shipping | Yes

Bohema | Women’s Chunky Vegan Grape Leather Mules


Source | Bohema

These chunky platform vegan mules are an unconventional take on the style, and I would expect nothing less from this modern brand.

The platform sole gives you height without tiring your feet and the square toe is so very ’90s.

Style with colorful chunky socks to make them wearable year-round.

Price | ~$150 / ~£124 / 144€

Color Options | Black or white vegan grape leather

Sizes | Women’s US 5.5 – 10.5 (EU 36 – 41)

Brand Headquarters | Poland

International Shipping | Yes

Matt & Nat | Women’s & Men’s Vegan Mules


Source | Matt & Nat

This brand has chic budget-friendly vegan mule designs for both men and women.


Source | Matt & Nat

As you might have already discovered, finding a pair of minimalistic vegan mules for the dapper gentleman can prove to be a challenge. That is, before this vegan brand created this model.

The sleek and minimal design, combined with the square-toe outsole, makes these look like they’re from Balenciaga, Louboutin, or another major designer.

Style with jeans to bring your denim to the next level.

Click the link below to browse all their vegan mule styles and lock in your size before it’s gone.

Price Range | $48 – $130 (including sale items)

Color Options | Black, clay, or koala vegan leather; nude vegan suede

Sizes | Women’s US 5 – 10 (EU 36 – 41); Men’s US 7 – 13 (EU 40 – 46)

Brand Headquarters | Canada

International Shipping | Yes

Will’s Vegan Store | Women’s Pointed-Toe Vegan Mules


Source | Will’s Vegan Store

Subtly add a pinch of punk to your fits with these pointed-toe vegan mules, thanks to their silver stud hardware.

Wear with black tights to the office and with white socks for a night out with the girls.

Click below to see if your size is still available. And for my German-speaking audience, this brand’s website is available in German to make shopping that much easier.

Price | $90 / £76 / 85€

Color Options | Black vegan leather

Sizes | Women’s US 5 – 10 (EU 36 – 42)

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

Momoc | Women’s Vegan Piñatex Leather Mules


Source | Momoc

I just can’t get enough of Piñatex. It gives such a unique, yet distinct texture that’s unlike any of the other leather alternatives.

When this vegan material is combined with this lovely blue color, it gives the appearance that these vegan loafer mules are constructed out of jeans, which is just brilliant.

Style these flat vegan mules with your double denim for a monochromatic fit, and shop early while your size is still in stock.

Price | ~$72 / ~£61 / 69€

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION10 for 10% off

Color Options | Denim blue vegan pineapple leather

Sizes | Women’s US 5 – 11 (EU 36 – 42)

Brand Headquarters | Spain

International Shipping | Yes

Stella McCartney | Women’s ‘90s-Style Vegan Platform Mules


Source | Stella McCartney

The ’90s called and they want their platform mules back. ☎️

I’m sorry to say, but that’s not gonna happen. And especially not for this upscale vegan version.

You’ll feel like a child from the ’90s when you strut around in these playful vegan mules.

Go for the ones with the colorful soles if you want to be sure to make a statement.

Price | $720 / £520 / 550€

Color Options | White and black; or black with colored soles

Sizes | Women’s US 5 – 11 (EU 35 – 41)

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

Cult of Coquette | Genderless Fancy Vegan Flat Mules


Source | Cult of Coquette

Party shoes don’t need to be heeled, especially when you have a pair as fancy as these.

Regardless of your gender, you can dance the night away in these elegant vegan mules and still feel your toes at the end of the night.

Beauty and brains? Sign me up.

Click the link below to get yourself a pair while they’re still on sale.

Price | $137 / ~£114 / ~132€  (currently on sale)

Color Options | Black vegan velvet or leopard print faux fur

Sizes | Women’s US 5.5 – 12 (EU 35.5 – 44); Men’s US 7 – 10 (EU 40 – 44)

Brand Headquarters | USA

International Shipping | Yes

Noah Italian Vegan Shoes | Vacation-Ready Women’s Vegan Mules


Source | Noah Italian Vegan Shoes

Granted, these aren’t your typical dress mules but if you plan to be poolside or vacationing in Greece 🏖, these vegan mules meets beach slides might be your ticket to the tropics.

Go for the Crayola red or royal blue if you’d like them to make a splash.

Price | ~$72 / ~£60 / 69€

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION-10 to save 10%

Color Options | Red, blue, or black vegan textile

Sizes | Women’s US 5 – 11.5 (EU 35 -42)

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes

Mink Shoes | Women’s Luxury Vegan Loafer Mules


Source | Mink Shoes

You had me at pink vegan mules.

These delicate vegan loafer mules are the perfect shade of pink to add some Barbiecore to your fits.

Just slip on and go.

Price | $230 / ~£192 / ~222€ 

Color Options | Pink or black vegan leather

Sizes | Women’s EU 36 – 42

Brand Headquarters | USA

International Shipping | Yes

Zette Shoes | Women’s Y2K-Style Vegan Mules


Source | Zette Shoes

“You’re my butterfly, sugar baby.” 🎶

Y2K vibes incoming with these butterfly print vegan mules.

These loafer mules are guaranteed to add some early aughts flavor to all your fits.

Shop early for these throwback vegan slip-ons as they’re on sale and the sizing is limited.

Price | ~$89 / ~£74 / ~86€ (currently on sale)

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION2022 for 5% off

Color Options | Butterfly print

Sizes | Women’s US 5 – 11 (EU 36 – 43)

Brand Headquarters | Australia

International Shipping | Yes

O2 Monde | Women’s Vegan Flat Slipper Mules


Source | O2 Monde

These sophisticated vegan slipper mules are just the thing to ease you back into working at the office.

And if you select one in a vibrant color (like red), your coworkers can’t help but compliment your footwear.

Price | $298

Color Options | Black, red, or leopard vegan leather

Sizes | Women’s US 5 – 10 (EU 36 – 41)

Brand Headquarters | USA

International Shipping | No, USA only

Final Thoughts

These clog wannabes are like loafers but more comfortable, so add any of these vegan mules to your footwear collection for a wear-all-day dressy shoe option.

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As always, happy styling!

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Are mules vegan?

While typically mules aren’t vegan (as they’re made from leather and/or suede), you can absolutely find mules that are vegan.

Where can you buy vegan mules?

You’ll find vegan mules at all of the online vegan market places such as Immaculate Vegan, Shop Like You Give a Damn, Vegan Style, and Alltrueist. You’ll also find vegan mules from these brands: Allkind Vegan, Sylven New York, Veerah, Bohema, Matt & Nat, Will’s Vegan Store, Momoc, Stella McCartney, Cult of Coquette, Noah Italian Vegan Shoes, Mink Shoes, Zette Shoes, and O2 Monde.

Which brands make vegan mules?

The brands that are currently (in 2022) making vegan mules are Allkind Vegan, Sylven New York, Veerah, Bohema, Matt & Nat, Will’s Vegan Store, Momoc, Stella McCartney, Cult of Coquette, Noah Italian Vegan Shoes, Mink Shoes, Zette Shoes, and O2 Monde.

Which brands make vegan mules for men?

You’ll find vegan mules for men at the vegan brands Matt & Nat and Cult of Coquette.

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to leave a kind comment! 💛

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