39+ Men’s Vegan Wallets & Card Holders Guys Are Sure to Love

Men's Vegan Wallets featuring the turquoise bifold card holder by Watson & Wolfe, ultra-slim wallet by Oliver Co., and cork mini wallet by Bleed Clothing

Source of images from left to right: Watson & Wolfe – Turquoise Bifold Card Holder; Oliver Co. – Compact Wallet; Bleed Clothing – Cork Mini Wallet

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If you’re in need of a new wallet or are looking to replace your animal leather one for a vegan alternative (or are shopping for a vegan gift for your special guy), then you’re in the right place.

I’ve put together a list of 22 brands (plus one bonus option) that offer fashionable vegan men’s wallets, so you have more than 36 different wallet styles to choose from.

To help you narrow down the selection, find your personal style in the chart below to see my top four brand picks to suit your aesthetic. Click on the brand to jump down to where I talk about them below.

Oliver Co.Will’s Vegan StoreBleed ClothingAfroblondeFreitag
CanussaWatson & WolfeDoshiFreitagWatson & Wolfe
LuxtraNoah Italian Vegan ShoesMatt & NatThamonLuxtra
AshokaVon HolzhausenGlobal WakecupMiomojoHemincuff

Whether you’re a casual or sporty guy, a dapper gentleman, a minimalist, eco-minded, or eclectic you’re sure to find some great options. Keep reading for images and a breakdown of each of the 22 brands (listed in no particular order).

1. Watson & Wolfe | Classic Men’s Vegan Wallets (RFID)


Source | Watson & Wolfe

While all of the brands I feature in this post include wallets among their collection of vegan accessories, Watson & Wolfe is one of only two brands that specialize in wallets.

They have more than 15 different Peta-Approved vegan wallets for men (five styles available in a variety of colorways) to choose from.

If you’re seeking a classic design, you might like their vegan leather coin wallet in black or card wallet in chestnut (both pictured above). 


Source | Watson & Wolfe

If you’re like me and appreciate something with some more pizzazz, they have a stunning faux leather turquoise bifold card holder (shown above).

While it’s a bit hidden on their website (you’ll find it within the women’s purses), I feel it’s a gender-neutral color and design.

Click on the links below to browse the entire collection.

Price Range | $50 – $85 / £35 – £60

Personalization Available | Yes, additional $22 / £15

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

2. Oliver Co. | Minimalistic Vegan Wallets for Men (RFID)


Source | Oliver Co.

By offering only wallets, card and passport holders, and key rings this wallet-centric vegan brand has the laser-sharp focus to perfect their products. 

They offer two ultra-slim apple leather wallets, either a standard (pictured above and available in black, merlot red, and coastal blue) or a premium version (available in forest green, coastal blue, and black), in addition to a slim card holder (also shown above).


Source | Oliver Co.

When they call these wallets compact, they’re not joking as they clock in at a mere 8mm (~1/3 in) thick, making them the slimmest wallets of all the ones I’ve featured.

Any of these would be a great choice if minimalism is your style and you value something with no added bulk.

Click below to shop these ultra slim wallets.

Price Range | $50 – $125 / £34 – £89

Personalization Available | Yes, additional $20 / £12

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

3. Will’s Vegan Store | Non Leather Men’s Wallets (Coin Pocket)


Source | Will’s Vegan Store

This vegan brand offers a number of different wallet styles for you to choose from including a tri-fold, billfold, and ID and travel card wallet. Their designs are simple yet classic and should appeal to most tastes.

I’ve always liked this brand and find their customer service to be top-notch. They stand behind the quality of their products and that’s the kind of brand I’m eager to support.

Click below to see their full collection. And for my German-speaking audience, this brand’s website is available in German to make shopping that much easier.

Price Range | $41 – $81 / £34 – £57

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

4. Luxtra | Men’s Vegan Wallets (RFID)


Source | Luxtra

This brand has one black Peta-Approved vegan billfold wallet made of textured AppleSkin™. It holds more cards than most of the other wallets I’ve featured with its four card slots per side.


Source | Luxtra

If you’re simply interested in a card holder, they also have these available in eight different colors including a super cool futuristic silver one (seen above) made from Piñatex (pineapple leather).

Click on the button below to shop via the vegan marketplace, Immaculate Vegan.

Price Range | $48 – $90 / £35 – £65

Personalization Available | Yes, additional $76 / £55

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

5. Canussa | Minimalistic Non Leather Men’s Wallets


Source | Canussa

If you’re looking for something minimalistic, this Peta-Approved vegan brand offers a slim card holder that holds up to 10 cards (pictured above). What separates it from most other card holders is its innovative pull tab that allows for easier access to your cards.

It comes in three color options, but naturally, I’m partial to the black and red combo. A little splash of beet-red adds just enough color to keep it interesting without drawing too much unwanted attention to yourself.

If you’d prefer a wallet, they also carry a slim design that’s available in camel (shown above), midnight blue, and classic black.

Price Range | $46 – $71 / £34 – £51

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | Spain

International Shipping | Yes

6. Noah Italian Vegan Shoes | Classic Men’s Vegan Wallets (Coin Pocket)


Source | Noah Italian Vegan Shoes

For another classic brown or black folded wallet (veganized of course), check out the options from this Peta-Approved vegan brand.

This brand might specialize in shoes (click here for my selection of men’s shoes from them) but they also design bags, belts, and wallets.

They have two men’s styles that are available in a selection of colors and one unisex style that’s a bit larger.

Click below to start shopping, and if this is the wallet for you, use my discount code HARMFREEFASHION-10 to save 10%.

Price Range | $85 – $120 / £60 – £75

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION-10 for 10% off

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes

7. Hemincuff | Eclectic Men’s Vegan Leather Wallets


Source | Hemincuff

This vegan brand offers a couple neat origami cases (one for coins and another for cards) in an array of fun colors.

Go for the bubblegum pink one if you like to make a statement.

Click the link below to start shopping.

Price Range | $75 – $115 / ~£62 – £95 / ~74€ – 113€

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | USA

International Shipping | Yes

8. Afroblonde | Upcycled Vegan Men’s Wallets


Source | Afroblonde

If you’re after something unique, durable, and upcycled, check out the offerings from this Peta-Approved vegan brand. 

They have two wallet options. One that’s constructed from upcycled tire inner tubes that came from motorbikes and the other is made from recycled truck canvases. 

Both materials and designs are super cool, so good luck deciding on which one to get.

Price | $40 / ~£33 / ~39€

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | Australia

International Shipping | Yes, free to the USA

9. Vegetarian Shoes | Hipster Men’s Vegan Wallets (Coin Pocket)


Source | Vegetarian Shoes

Now that all things “dad style” are trending, it’s time to get yourself a dad wallet (naturally, complete with velcro).

They’re available in vegan brown or black leather, or faux suede. The perfect gift for the hipster guy.

Price Range | ~$48 – $53 / £40 – £44 / ~48€ – 52€

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

10. Minuit Sur Terre | Non Leather Men’s Wallets


Source | Minuit Sur Terre

This vegan brand carries one beautiful apple leather wallet option that features a coin pocket and comes in black, chocolate, or chestnut brown.

They also offer a card holder made of innovative grape leather.

Either would be a great option for a fashionable gentleman.

Price Range | ~$30 – $85 / ~£25 – £72 / 30€ – 85€

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION15 for 15€ off through November 30, 2022

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | France

International Shipping | Yes

11. La Enviro | Travel-Friendly Men’s Vegan Wallets (RFID)


Source | La Enviro

You’ll find a few cool offerings from this Peta-Approved vegan brand. 

They have a standard fold wallet (complete with coin pocket) as well as a wallet that comes with a trackable air tag. If you travel a lot and worry about losing your bag, this trackable wallet might be the perfect solution.

Price Range | $29 – $43 / £24 – £30 / 29€ – 36€

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION2022 for 5% off at Vegan Style

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | Australia

International Shipping | Yes

12. Thamon | Cork & Leaf Leather Men’s Wallets


Source | Thamon

If you’d prefer something different than a typical black or brown wallet, then Thamon has some nice options. What’s especially cool about this brand, is that they create their wallets from real tree leaves and vegan leathers.

They have a number of styles to choose from and each is available in a wide selection of colors, such as green and blue, and they have one model made out of cork.

They also carry a card holder in majestic purple (shown below), perfect for the noble gentleman.


Source | Thamon

Click on the button to shop this brand and use my special discount code HARMFREEFASHION to save an additional 15% off these already well-priced wallets.

Price Range | $25 – $67 / £18 – £48

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION for 15% off

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

13. Matt & Nat | Canvas Men’s Vegan Wallet


Source | Matt & Nat

This vegan brand has a few models of men’s wallets to select from.

I find the canvas version of their Rubben wallet to be especially cool, because it’s from a material I haven’t seen from any of the other brands I’ve featured. It also offers a more sporty wallet option that you know is 100% vegan.

Click on the button below to shop Matt & Nat.

Price Range | $30 – $61 / £25 – £50

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | Canada

International Shipping | Yes

14. Freitag | Futuristic Vegan Wallets for Men


Source | Freitag

Another brand with something special to offer for the sporty or eclectic gentleman (and that is largely unknown outside of Switzerland), is the Swiss brand Freitag (meaning Friday in German).

While not a Peta-Approved brand, they use recycled truck tarps and reuse seat belts to make their bags and wallets. 

Due to the nature of the materials, each item is unique and frankly I find that fantastic. This means their stock and color options (which are seemingly endless) are constantly changing so if you see something that you like I’d suggest snatching it up before it’s sold. 

Price Range | $45 – $110 / £35 – £78

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | Switzerland

International Shipping | Yes

15. Miomojo | Recycled Glass Men’s Navy Vegan Wallets


Source | Miomojo

I guess I’m just a sucker for pebbled vegan leather because I find the Filippo and Giacomo models from Miomojo to be ultra classy and a prime choice for a business professional (both displayed above).

Made out of recycled glass (okay, how cool is that?!), their slim Peta-Approved vegan wallet (the Filippo) features a coin pocket and their card holder (the Giacomo) has four card slots.

Both options are in neutral navy, made of textured future leather, and for this price, what’s not to love?

Price Range | $50 – $60 / £36 – £43

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | Italy

International Shipping | Yes, free EU delivery

16. Bleed Clothing | Sporty Men’s Vegan Wallets


Source | Bleed Clothing

This Peta-Approved vegan brand offers two wallet styles that are made of either cork or Jacroki® paper (a vegan material made from FSC certified wood and latex).

Their mini paper wallet (pictured above) looks sleek and slim, yet still has an interior zippered compartment for coins and bills.

While I’m not familiar with this new vegan material, I do like its natural and textured look.

This is another great option if you’re looking for a casual wallet that has something a bit special.

Price Range | $55 – $72 / £39 – £52

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes, free to Germany

17. Bohema | Apple Leather Men’s Vegan Wallet


Source | Bohema

If you don’t need any fancy bells and whistles, this sleek and simplistic wallet made from innovative apple leather should be just the ticket. 

Price | ~$101 / ~£83  / 99€

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | Poland

International Shipping | Yes

18. Doshi | Vegan Men’s Wallets (Coin Pocket)


Source | Doshi

This Peta-Approved vegan brand has a slim wallet with either a coin pocket or ID sleeve and a tri-fold wallet (in cork or black vegan leather).

My favorite color option is the midnight blue camouflage (seen above), which is available in their slim wallet with an ID sleeve. It’s a tougher and more casual option than the typical black or brown and offers a unique color pattern not seen with any of the other brands.

Use my special discount code HARMFREEFASHION10 for 10% off your purchase.

Price Range | $39 – $45 / £29 – £34

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION10 for 10% off

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | USA

International Shipping | Yes

19. Global Wakecup | Eco-friendly Men’s Vegan Wallet


Source | Global Wakecup

While this brand specializes in zero waste food storage containers and insulated cups, they also have a cool wallet made of a vegan material resembling recycled brown paper. It might not sound that glamorous but in reality it has an alluring charm to it; thanks probably in large part to Bottega Veneta’s collection of purses constructed out of what looks like paper bags.

Prior to seeing that collection, my main exposure to brown paper bags was in elementary school when they were used to cover my textbooks. If that was the norm in your household as well, then perhaps this wallet will evoke some fond childhood memories.

Either way, it’s a unique option that might serve as a fun conversation piece and you can use the discount code TURTLE10 to save 10%.

Price | $22 / £15

Discount Code | TURTLE10 for 10% off

Personalization Available | Yes

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

20. Ashoka | Men’s Vegan Apple Leather Wallets


Source | Ashoka

This Peta-Approved vegan brand offers something I’ve never seen before and that’s a card holder that features a zippered coin pouch (see the image above).

This might be just the solution for those who are seeking a slim wallet but also appreciate a coin pocket to store their coins.

They also offer a standard fold wallet in black and cognac (also pictured above).

Price Range | $77 – $89 / £56 – £64

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | France

International Shipping | Yes, free to some European countries including the UK, DE & CH

21. Von Holzhausen | Vegan Technik Leather Men’s Wallet


Source | Von Holzhausen

This vegan brand offers a fold wallet in stone, caramel, and taupe.

It’s crafted out of a pebbled Technik-Leather (animal-free), features six credit card slots, and appears to be very well made.

While not as slim as the compact wallet by Oliver Co. (it’s more than twice as thick), it captures a classic design that most people will mistake for a real leather wallet.

And if you use my special discount code HARMFREEFASHION10, you’ll get 10% off your entire purchase.

Price | $150 / £110

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION10 for 10% off

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes

22. Finch & Walker | Vegan Leather Wallet for Men


Source | Finch & Walker

This Peta-Approved vegan brand offers a single black fold wallet that has six card pockets. This is a slim, sleek, and minimalistic option if you’re searching for a basic black wallet.

Price | $80 / £55

Personalization Available | No

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

Bonus Option: Vintage Cigarette Case

If none of these options suit your fancy, then perhaps you could steal the trick I use and that’s to use an old cigarette case as your wallet.

I picked a metal one up on eBay many, many years ago and it’s worked perfectly all these years.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post proved that there is no shortage of fashionable vegan men’s wallets to select from.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for something sporty (see Bleed Clothing or Doshi), classic (try Wills Vegan Store or Miomojo), minimalistic (check out Oliver Co. or Canussa), or eclectic (Freitag or Watson & Wolfe have you covered) there is a vegan version for all types of gentlemen.

Looking for other gift ideas or vegan footwear and apparel for men? Check out my selection of vegan clogs; vegan hiking boots; men’s wool-free sweaters; vegan loafers, driving moccasins, mules & boat shoes; winter parkas; wool-free coats; vegan cowboy boots; vegan-friendly jeans; and motorcycle jackets.

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As always, happy styling!

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36+ Men’s Vegan Wallets & Card Holders Guys Are Sure To Love


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