Dopamine Dressing | Eclectic Color Combos to Uplift Your Mood

Thrifted Vegan Fashion Mix and Match - Eclectic Color Combos
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I love to play around with and mix & match colors in unconventional ways and thankfully a lot of second-hand shops organize their clothes by color, so that should make it pretty easy for you to thrift any color I feature that doesn’t already exist in your closet.

From tomato red + lavender to lemon yellow + cobalt blue, keep reading to find out how to style and combine an eclectic mix of colors that probably already exist in your wardrobe. I hope these looks might inspire you to add some more color to your outfits. ❤️💜💚💗🧡💙🤎💛🤍🖤

Ruby Red + Sapphire 

I’m still digging the red and blue color combination and was quite pleased that my color‑block Teva’s happen to match my outfit. This is yet another perfect look for waist‑up dressing, allowing you to be polished and chic in addition to comfy. What more could you ask of an outfit?

Harmfreefashion models vegan fashion (thrifted red blazer, black + blue dress, Tevas with sandals, & red bag.)


TREKKING SANDALS | Teva (current styles by Teva)


PURSE | Melie Bianco (current styles by Melie Bianco)

Lime Green + Fuchsia 

I love lime green and it looks so fresh when paired with this fuchsia shirt and shorts with black accessories. Simply adding a pair of riding boots brought this look into colder weather.

Harmfreefashion models vegan fashion (thrifted green blazer, fuchsia pussybow blouse + shorts, black riding boots & black bag.)


RIDING BOOTS | Fouganza (similar by Will’s Vegan Store)

PURSE | Sans Beast (current styles by Sans Beast)

Tomato Red + Lavender

I’m loving the unexpected pairing of lavender with tomato red and the wearing‑a‑belt‑with‑blazer trend. 

Harmfreefashion models vegan fashion (thrifted red blazer, lilac lace skirt, black chain bag, belt + ankle boots.)


ANKLE BOOTS | Nicora Johns (similar by Will’s Vegan Store)

BELT | Peta + Jain (current styles by Peta + Jain)

PURSE | Peta + Jain (current styles by Peta + Jain)

SUNGLASSES | Emporio Armani (current styles by Emporio Armani)

Emerald Green + Lilac

What I loved about this look is that the shorts and jacket are from different designers (and were thrifted on opposite sides of the world!) yet the colors match so perfectly they look like a set.

I’ve paired them with some unexpected colors and I love how it looks. Experimenting with unusual combinations is one of my favorite things about fashion. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and that’s okay. Ideally, your outfit should serve to empower you and boost your confidence. And if you’ve achieved that when you get dressed, then you’ve won.


HEELED SANDALS | Bershka (similar by Cult of Coquette)

PURSE | Angela Roi (current styles by Angela Roi)

Lemon Yellow + Cobalt Blue 

These colors together just make me smile. They are so cheerful and add some brightness to a grey winter day. 


COAT | Orsay (similar by Apparis)


PURSE | Stella McCartney (current styles by Stella McCartney)

Lime Green + Baby Blue

These brighter spring shades compliment each other well. Adding a bright red purse gives an extra pop of unexpected color.


HEELS | Matt & Nat (current styles by Matt & Nat)

RED PURSE | Angela Roi (current styles by Angela Roi)

BLACK PURSE | Stella McCartney (current styles by Stella McCartney)

Fuchsia + Army Green

Army green is often seen paired with similar drab and neutral colors, that’s why I thought it deserved to be brought to life by wearing it with fuchsia shorts and cherry red Birkenstocks with socks.


SANDALS | Birkenstock


Final Thoughts

For more color-combining inspiration check out my blue and brown fit ideasthe hottest street style color combo, and surprising colors to style with army green.

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to leave a kind comment!


Michelle Rothenburger

Michelle Rothenburger is a vegan fashion blogger whose work has been featured in such publications as Marie Claire, InStyle, Woman & Home, and Vilda. Find out more by reading Michelle’s full story (from bullied to fashion influencer) and feel free to send her a personal message.

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  • Hi Michelle!!! Just got word about your blog! You’re a natural with colors – You look beautiful and vibrant in whatever you put together! Guess who has the thrifting bug now? Henry! Looking forward to more of your creative posts 🙂 Love, Laura

    • Hi Laura! Thanks so much for checking out my blog! And how fun that Henry is now into thrifting! Love, Michelle💛

  • Michelle, this male was quite to read your blog and see your lovely outfits. Your styles and combinations of garments and colours make much sense. Bravo!!

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