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In the first of my vegan fashion celebrity interviews, I couldn’t be happier to welcome New York Times best-selling author Kathy Freston. 👏

Kathy has penned numerous books on veganism and healthy living, including The Book of Veganish; The Lean; Veganist; and her latest book 72 Reasons to Be Vegan.

While she’s been interviewed countless times, like with most vegan celebrities, the conversation usually revolves around vegan eating.

As my blog is laser-focused on fashion, naturally I wanted to get Kathy’s take on all things vegan fashion.

Kathy was kind enough to answer some questions about her journey to veganism, her approach to vegan fashion, and offer some inspiring words for those looking to change their wardrobes.

Without further ado, let’s get into the interview questions!

Vegan Fashion Interview with Author Kathy Freston


Source: Kathy Freston

1.    Tell me a little about your background and evolution toward plant-based living.

I was a writer who talked about being more conscious and aware in all areas of one’s life, and it dawned on me that I was not very aware of where my food came from. Since food is such a big part of one’s day, it was a glaring oversight and I realized I was kind of a hypocrite if I didn’t look under the hood of where my meals came from.

I eventually became vegan and thought, hey look at me, I’m so cool, I did this!  Until someone asked me what I was wearing on my feet. I said…”uh, shoes.”  And she volleyed back, “made of what?”… “uh, leather.”, I answered sheepishly. “Then don’t talk to me about not eating meat when you’re wearing someone’s skin on your body.” I got the point.

It was time to lean in a little more; I had stopped eating animal stuff, but now I needed to stop wearing their parts, too. As with all big moves in my life, I believe in progress rather than perfection, and I continue to lean in…

2.    I read in an interview you did with Vanity Fair that you used to wear fur. What changed your mind about fur as fashion?

Simple: undercover video of killing and skinning an animal for her fur. That kind of horror is anything but glamourous.

3.    You talk a lot about “leaning into veganism” and have written entire books on how people can gradually introduce vegan foods into their diets. This tactic can relieve so much pressure for people and it was the approach I took for swapping out my non-vegan clothing and accessories for vegan ones. Did you also apply this method to your wardrobe or was it an overnight change?

Yes, I believe in “leaning in”.  It’s very hard to make a major switch overnight when you’ve been doing something a certain way for your entire life, whether eating, shopping, or dressing for dinner. You need time to find new ways to look and feel good. You need a minute to find new stores and ask for different options. You aren’t like every other shopper, now, and you need to get comfortable with asking for “non-animal” options.  

4.    I loved seeing you describe yourself as a “Vegan Fashion Lover” on your Pinterest profile. Tell me about some of your favorite vegan pieces in your wardrobe.


I have Stella McCartney shoes from 15 years ago! I have a collection that I just keep adding to…. Her shoes tend to be a little funky now, but there have been some super chic + classic styles throughout the years and I love them just as much now as when I got them! You can find them on the RealReal for great discounts, and since they last for so long, I think they’re worth the price (I love the sales at the end of the seasons) – same with her bags; they remain super stylish for years and throughout the seasons. The Falabella are my favorite bags!

I also love Rebecca Mink’s shoes; they are made in Italy in the same factories that make Prada and Gucci, so every item she sells is made with that Italian sensibility.  

My favorite coats and jackets are by House of Fluff. The founder, Kym Canter, used to work at a furrier until she had an awakening that she no longer wanted to be party to hurting animals. She sold all of her furs and, with that money, started a vegan company with some of the coolest faux fur and leather-free things I’ve ever seen. Celebrities are often photographed wearing her pieces, and her stuff can be spotted in films and music videos. I love my big white fluffy 70’s rock ‘n’ roll jacket; I wear it with everything and feel way cooler than I actually am! 

5.    Veganism has become considerably more popular over the years, yet vegan fashion has still remained a bit of a mystery to most people. How do you think we could encourage more people to transition their closets to be vegan?

It’s the same with food: the more options with competing prices that are accessible, the more customers will show up. Make cool stuff at good prices and people will buy them. It’s just a matter of displacing the animal stuff. And just be a living, shining example of what vegan can look like. Put your glow on, and rock whatever your particular style is!  

6.    What advice do you have for those looking to make the switch to a vegan wardrobe?

Make it a sport to find non-animal fashion; that way it’s fun and it feels like a win when you find something that works! Don’t tell yourself that you can never buy leather again; rather focus on finding the chic offerings that other people may not know about. Make it your business to buck the existing trend, and you’ll feel like you’re on the cutting edge.

Final Thoughts

What an amazing start to my vegan fashion celebrity interview series and Kathy’s answer to my last question couldn’t have been more perfect and empowering!

Thank you again Kathy for taking the time to answer these questions and a special thank you to Kelsey for coordinating this interview.

To follow along on Kathy’s vegan fashion journey, you can find her on Instagram and her website.

Is there a vegan celebrity you’d love to know more about how they approach vegan fashion? Let me know in the comments.

Oh and, Alicia if you’re reading this I’d love to interview you about all things vegan fashion!

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As always, thanks for reading!

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