No Vegan Timberlands, No Problem! Check Out These Alternatives

No Vegan Timberlands, No Problem! Check Out These Alternatives

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It’s official! ’90s fashion is back, and it’s going nowhere fast.

So strap on a pair of veganized OG Timberlands, because is your ’90s fit complete if you’re not rocking a pair of wheat Timbs?

And you’re in luck because the vegan Timberland-style boots from these 100% vegan brands will leave you saying, Timberland who?

Will’s Vegan Store | Vegan Timberland Boots


Source | Will’s Vegan Store

For the largest selection of vegan alternatives to Timberlands, check out the offerings from this vegan brand.

Whether you’re after the classic wheat chukka-style boots or would prefer something a little more unusual (I see you, powder blue and grey faux suede), this brand has you covered.

You can even get their classic model in an insulated version (they’d make a super cute winter boot). And if you’re after a traditional winter boot that’s both stylish and warm, give this article a read.


Source | Will’s Vegan Store

They also have a shorter model ankle boot that’s the vegan equivalent of Timberland’s Nellie/Newman style.

All variations come in both women’s and men’s sizes.

Click the link below to see all the colorways. And for my German-speaking audience, this brand’s website is available in German to make shopping that much easier.

Price Range | $94 – $112 / £84 – £100 / 94€ – 112€

Color Options | Tan, dark brown, powder blue, dark blue, or grey vegan suede; and black or chestnut vegan leather

Sizes | Women’s US 5 – 10 (EU 36 – 42); Men’s US 7.5 – 14 (EU 40 – 48)

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

Noah Italian Vegan Shoes | Vegan Leather Timbs


Source | Noah Italian Vegan Shoes

For a vegan leather take on the classic Timbs, check out the rugged style from this vegan brand.

They feature a lug sole, come in two color options, and have the classic Timberland-style padded collar.

The sizing is also unisex and goes all the way up to US size 15.

Style them with a girly floral dress and a jean jacket or leggings (for off-duty model vibes).

Click the link below to start shopping, and don’t forget to apply my coupon code HARMFREEFASHION-10 at the checkout.

Price | ~$176 / ~£156 / 179€

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION-10 to save 10%

Color Options | Brown or black vegan leather

Sizes | Unisex US 5 – 15 (EU 35 – 48)

Brand Headquarters | Germany

International Shipping | Yes

Zette Shoes | Vegan Wheat Timberlands


Source | Zette Shoes

My favorite feature of these classic yellow vegan Timberlands is the prominent V on the tongue.

From a distance, they might look exactly like Timberland’s six-inch classic chukka boots but they’re actually way cooler because they’re cruelty-free and proudly waive their V flag.

The only problem is, the sizing options of these boots are currently very limited, so click the link below and hope they still carry your size.

Price | ~$121 / ~£106 / ~122€

Discount Code | HARMFREEFASHION2022 for 5% off

Color Options | Tan vegan suede

Sizes | Women’s US 5 – 10 (EU 36 – 41)

Brand Headquarters | Australia

International Shipping | Yes

Vegetarian Shoes | Vegan Yellow Timberland Boots


Source | Vegetarian Shoes

What’s special about this version of vegan Timberland boots is how the padded collar blends seamlessly into the rest of the boot.

If you prefer a style without that stark contrast of black upper and wheat-colored lower, these might be just the work, I mean street-style, boots for you.

Price | ~$89 / £79 / ~91€

Sizes | Unisex sizing EU 36 – 44 (Women’s US 5 – 11; Men’s US 7 – 11)

Brand Headquarters | UK

International Shipping | Yes

Final Thoughts

Timberland doesn’t make any vegan versions of their boots, but that doesn’t have to stop you from sporting this iconic style.

And the models available from these four vegan brands should leave you with more than enough options to complete all your ’90s fashion fits.

Searching for other types of vegan footwear? Click to check out my other cruelty-free shoe guides on:

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As always, happy styling!

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Are there vegan Timberlands?

No, there aren’t any vegan Timberlands. Currently, as of 2022, Timberland doesn’t offer any of their models in a vegan version. For a cool cruelty-free alternative, these vegan brands carry vegan Timberland-style boots: Will’s Vegan Store, Noah Italian Vegan Shoes, Zette Shoes, NAE, and Vegetarian Shoes.

Are Timberland 6 inch boots vegan?

Unfortunately, no, Timberland 6” boots are not vegan. None of Timberland’s current (2022) models are available in a vegan version. For great vegan alternatives to Timberlands (for women and men), check out all the vegan Timberland-style boots from any of these vegan brands: Will’s Vegan Store, Noah Italian Vegan Shoes, Zette Shoes, NAE, and Vegetarian Shoes.

Are Timberlands vegan?

No, Timberlands are not vegan. While Timberland used to offer a vegan version of their boots (made of canvas), a current (2022) search on their website for “vegan” yields zero results. The classic Timberland boots are made from genuine animal leather. For a great vegan alternative to Timberlands (in men’s and women’s sizes) check out the options from any of these vegan brands: Will’s Vegan Store, Noah Italian Vegan Shoes, Zette Shoes, NAE, and Vegetarian Shoes.

What brands have vegan Timberland alternatives?

There are a few vegan brands that currently offer vegan Timberland-style boots for both women and men. Check out Will’s Vegan Store, Noah Italian Vegan Shoes, Zette Shoes, NAE, and Vegetarian Shoes.

Is the new Pangaia x Timberland collaboration vegan?

No, the newly released (2022) Timberland x Pangaia colorful 6-inch boots are NOT 100% vegan. While, the materials might appear to be animal-free, an email from the Pangaia support team confirmed that “unfortunately, the [new Timberland] boots are not vegan.” Fortunately, you can still find some great vegan Timbs from Will’s Vegan Store, Noah Italian Vegan Shoes, Zette Shoes, NAE, and Vegetarian Shoes.

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